Nomad class Light Tracked Missile Carrier

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Nomad class Light Tracked Missile Carrier
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Unpublished, non-canon vehicle design.
Tech Level TL–10
Mass 1 dton
Cost 180,416.2
Mode Ground (Tracked)
Type Armored Fighting Vehicle
Speed 136kph
Cargo 1 metric ton, 1m3
Crew 2 commander/gunner and driver
Passengers 0
Armament Laser Rifle, HMG, 4cm RAM AGL and a TAC missile tube
Manufacturer Various
Also see Maujen Defense Bureau
Available for export

The Nomad class Light Tracked Missile Carrier is a TL-10 Armored Fighting Vehicle.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Nomad class Light Tracked Missile Carrier: Built on Maujen (world) from native TL–10 defense contractors. The compact 0.6MW MHD turbine power plant was considered vital for protected forces work in planet's very thin atmospheric conditions. The vehicle's frontal 5cm thick composite laminate armor is unsloped. This design is sealed with over pressure for the crew to resist NBC/CBR threats. There are two busy crew members and no room for passengers. They have low ground pressure on their broad and stable tracked suspension and never get stuck in the mud, soft earth, snow, or sand. Their lighter armor means they are less expensive, smaller and easier to transport. They are too heavy for amphibious operations.

Vehicle Dimensions:[edit]

  • Height: 1m (+1m turret). Width: 2m. Length: 5m.
  • Total usable volume: 14 m3
  • Total mass loaded: 19.259 metric tons.
  • Production Cost: Cr. 180,416.2
  • Movement: Road Maximum 136kph/113cm; Cross country 81.6kph/68cm.
    Movement effect on fire: None, fully stabilized to fire on the move.


  • Chassis and turret front 34, chassis sides, turret sides and rear 26, chassis rear, belly and deck 18.
  • Target Size DMs: +1 low and +0 high hits.


  • Search Light
  • Thermal and Image Enhanced vision
  • 500 Power Radio
  • 5km Maser Communicator
  • Map Box with GPS
  • Full weapon stabilization
  • (6) Smoke Dischargers
  • (6) Bottles of Prismatic Aerosols
  • 5 Power target acquisition RADAR
  • Has 1 metric ton, 1m3 of cargo space which can hold up to 13 additional TAC missiles.
  • Sealed Environment with over pressure for two crew


  • 0.6 megawatt MHD turbine power plant consumes 180 liters of fuel/hour
  • Fuel capacity 1,041.6 liters, enough for 5.786 hours.
  • Power to weight ratio is 31 and the ground pressure is 3.8518 tons/m3.


There is a TL–9 laser rifle mounted in the 360 degree rotating turret 1mx2mx2m, on the chassis deck connected to a dedicated 100 shot battery. The weapon is fully stabilized to fire on the move. It can engage 1 target and has +0 signature. It can function as a target designator in low power mode. Its direct fire characteristics are as follows:

Direct Fire Characteristics: Laser Rifle
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
180 m (9) 360 m (4) 1,800 m (1)

There is a turret mounted Heavy Machine Gun: The gunner's HMG has a +2 signature and can engage 4 targets/fire phase. It requires no fire control system and has full, fire on the move, weapon stabilization. The vehicle comes with 1,600 rounds of ammunition for the weapon, included in the purchase price. This is enough for 40 fire phases.

Direct Fire Characteristics: HMG
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
500 m (6)+3 1,000 m (5)+2 1,500 m (3)+1

A 4cm RAM Automatic Grenade Launcher is also mounted in the main turret on the chassis deck. The grenade launcher has some ability versus heavier targets, but at relatively short range.

  • It can engage two targets and has a +2 signature. There is storage for 1,600 HEAP grenades, which is enough for 20 fire phases.
Direct Fire Characteristics: 4cm RAM GL
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
370m (32)+4 750m (32)+3 1500m (32)+2

There is a 72.8kg capacity TAC missile launch tube mounted in the vehicles turret on the chassis deck. It uses either a 12kg 25cm HEAP 57 warhead or the HE 35/6/5 variant. It takes both crew members to manually reload these missiles if additional rounds are available. The homing missiles struggle to achieve intercepts against vehicles protected with advanced ECM abilities. The vehicle can designate its own targets and can hand off to deployed infantry to spot and mark targets. A single teleguided HEAP 57 missile with a radio command link is included in the price.

Characteristics: Available Missiles
Type Range Price
Homing HEAP 57 or HE 35/6/8 20km or 10km +10DM Cr431.8/407.8
Target Designated HEAP 57 or HE 35/6/5 20km or 10km +10DM Cr731.8/707.8
IR Follow Up HEAP +8, 20km or 10km +10DM Cr531.8
Operator Guided with Wire Command Link +3 DM to hit, HEAP 57 or HE 35/6/5 10km +6DM Cr230.8/206.8
Operator Guided with Laser Command Link +3 DM to hit, HEAP 57 or HE 35/6/5 12km +4DM Cr280.8/256.8
Operator Guided with Maser Command Link +3 DM to hit, HEAP 57 or HE 35/6/5 10km +6DM Cr330.8/306.8
Operator Guided with Radio Command Link +3 DM to hit, HEAP 57 or HE 35/6/5 16km Cr330.8/306.8
Teleguided with Radio Command Link HEAP 57 or HE 35/6/5 12.5km Cr1,830.8/1,806.8


  • Vehicle: 8
  • Electronics: 15
  • Weapons: 3
  • Suspension: 0

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

This vehicle is equipped with a very comprehensive variety of guidance packages for operator guided missiles. The vehicle is very light and compact and is designed and manufactured at TL–10 to be inexpensive. The sensors and communication suite are modest but function over short ranges. The lack the on board sensors to fully exploit the ranges of some of their available missile designs. Most of the turret weapons can be used to suppress infantry and light vehicles. The missile is required to deal with enemy tanks. Reloading is time consuming and problematic unless reloads are carried. The vehicle must stop to move missiles. Only one missile can be fired at one time. So they must hunt from ambush carefully and shoot and scoot to avoid return fire. It is out classed by grav vehicles at this technology level, which tend to be much larger, heavier and vastly more expensive.

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