Ninaan (world)

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Ninaan/Mimu (Dagudashaag 0601)
Milieu 1116
StarportC Routine: No Construction, Major Repair, Unrefined fuel
Size5 Medium (8,000 km, 0.40g - 0.57g)
Atmosphere4 Thin (tainted)
Hydrographics4 Wet World 40%
Population5 Moderate (200 thousand)
Government4 Representative Democracy
Law3 Low Law (no automatic weapons)
Tech Level9 Early Stellar (fusion)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary M2 V M1 V
Worlds 12
Gas Giants 5
Planetoid Belts 3
Cultural Details
Government Representative democracy
Law Level Low
Cultural Extension 2526
Army Size (BEs) 0
Economic Details
Technology Level 9
Economic Extension
ResourcesFExtremely abundant
Labor4Moderate (20 thousand)
Infrastructure4 Very limited
Importance Extension 0
Resource Units 168
GWP (BCr) 0
World Trade Number 3.5
Trade Volume (MCr/year) 1,002
Starport Details
Classification Class-C
Port Size 4
Building Capacity (Tons) 0
Port employees 75
Port passengers (annual) 1,500

Ninaan is an agricultural world with an ideal environment for producing food from plants, animals, or other forms. The system has a population between 100,000 and 10 million sophonts. It is a member of Third Imperium in the Mimu Subsector of Dagudashaag Sector and in the Domain of Vland. Ninaan, as a member world of the Third Imperium, holds the estate of an Imperial knight and the fiefdom of a baron. Both are members of the Imperial Nobility charged with overseeing the world. During the Long Night this world was named Duuvlili.

Astrography and Planetology[edit]

Ninaan is a member of the Siakmasfa Cluster.

Ninaan is an agricultural backwater of a planet producing a selection of genetically tailored crops for mass consumption.

Its tainted atmosphere is a result of year-round pollen contamination, which can block even the most hardy of equipment and is found everywhere in up to 30cm high pollen drifts. The colonists have adjusted by wearing sealed masks outdoors and installing blowers at all entrances. Despite this, pollen still manages to get everywhere. One of the more common pollens has left a permanent reminder on all who live on Ninaan for any length of time: it permanently stains any exposed skin yellow. Certain Ninaans have turned this trait into an artwork using it to create permanent patterns on their skin.

Binary Solar System[edit]

Ninaan Binary Star System
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)

M2 V

Primary Main Sequence 0.4258 2400 - 3300 0.027
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.0044 0.01358 0.13 - 0.21 0.44 4.4
Orbit #  *  * 0 1 6
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)

M1 V

Secondary Main Sequence 0.4574 2600 - 3500 0.033
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.00475 0.01516 0.15 - 0.24 0.475 4.75
Orbit #  *  * 0 1 6

History and background[edit]

For some as yet unexplained reason about 12% of all S'mrii born on Ninaan have bifurcated corneas (the so-called ‘double eye’ syndrome). These function normally and although disconcerting, this causes no actual disability except slightly blurred vision. While this problem can be corrected by surgery it does carry a significant probability of total blindness, which is why so many S'mrii from Ninaan have elected to retain their distinctive double-eye structure.

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