Murian Space Marines

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Murian Space Marines

A Murian Marine Commando Company is carried on their 80,000ton Missile Cruisers. Orbital insertion is accomplished by assault drop capsules with decoys and six 50 ton shuttles are used for boarding and dust off/recovery.

Commando Company (Officers/NCOs and Enlisted) 20/220

Command Support Squad 0/9

These technicians and mechanics maintain the unit's vehicles, armor and robots. They travel in a big 10 ton G-Carrier. It is fast and very heavily armored but unarmed. It mounts a complete set of tool kits and a workshop. It also carries a modular field kitchen and company clearing station which are dropped off as self assembling building modules.

4 Lift Commando Platoons 2/40 each

The commander of the 1st platoon is a captain and is also the company commander.

Command Post

Platoon Leader=1st Lieutenant, armed with a mono molecular edged hull metal boarding axe, and M-11 Hammer 4mm gauss pistol

Grav and zero-G mobile and heavily armored Bodyguard Model Warbot with 2 TAC missiles (one HEAP w/ an IR follow-up), laser rifle target designator, and high intensity plasma hull cutting torches on six heavy tentacles. As Murian leaders tend to lead from the front, it is the body guard's job to keep him safe and watch his six.

Doctor (emergency surgery and casualty clearing specialist) usually carries no weapons but a load of prismatic aerosols, laser sensors, smoke grenades, sensor decoys, medical kit and combat drug over ride dispensers, on his stealth IR chameleon battledress. Only the bravest Murians are selected for this highly honored position. The doctor is an officer (=a respected senior captain, who has stepped down from command, he motivates but is not normally in the chain of command), and is in charge of the health and morale of his unit. He also prepares meals for his marines when they rotate back to the field kitchen. He has an enhanced grav belt which makes him faster or able to carry out wounded.

Four Rifle Squads, each w/ 10 grav belt mobile infantry with marine powered battle armor.

1 Squad Leader=First Sergeant w/ Hull Metal Boarding Axe, and M-11 Hammer 4mm Gauss Pistol

2 w/ 4mm Gauss LMG, belt fed with an ammo back pack

2 w/4cm RAM AGL

3 PGMP-13

2 Tac Missile Launcher and TL D Integral Digital Laser Pistol (50 shot battery)

3 Close Support Platoons 1/20 each

Scout Platoon 1/20

CP w/2x3 ton Grav Speeders w/ VRF Gauss Cannon, 2 Crew which includes the platoon leader

5x1 ton Scout Grav Cycles w/ armed w/ 2 Rail Launched TAC Missiles, thermal image and image enhancement, 10 power target acquisition LADAR, the riders carry a Laser Carbine with computer enhanced sights, and wear IR chameleon combat armor, they are forward observers and target designators

12 Scout/Snipers w/grav belts and stealth suits IR chameleon combat armor, 4mm gauss sniper rifles w/ electronic scopes

5x1 ton Warbots each with 20 light barrage TAC missiles and a laser pistol for TD, spotter sensor package

Tank Platoon 1/20

5x4 ton Missile Grav Tanks with six magazine fed heavy TAC missile launchers, Rapid Pulse Plasma Gun with point defense fire control, 3 crew, one of the vehicle commanders is also the Platoon Leader

1x4 ton Nuclear Damper Vehicle with Rapid Pulse X-Ray Laser with Point Defense Fire Control, 6 crew

Artillery Platoon 1/20

1x4 ton SP MRLS 100x10cm Tubes w/scatterable mines, 6 crew

1x4 ton SP 20cm Hypervelocity Mass Driver with direct and indirect fire control, 6 crew

1x4 ton Close Support Sled 14 Drone Missiles, Rapid Pulse X-Ray Laser with Point Defense Fire Control, 3 crew

1x4 ton Fire Direction and Electronic Warfare Sled, 6 crew including Platoon Leader

Murian Powered Battle Armor is twice as heavy and twice as expensive as conventional imperial battledress. The marine infantry wears a version called heavy assault battledress with x4 linear flat motor neuro-muscular augmentation and shock absorbing joints. A powerful grav suspensor harness is built in to help handle the weight of the bonded super-dense armor. A bundle of crude scram jets and plasma rockets are used to provide thrust. A grizzly assortment of features include: the toe mounted disemboweling knives, 2x5cm pec flex HEAP destructo-darts, a shoulder mounted remote eye blink monocle targeted 13mm snub revolver, usually loaded w/6 Quang Mk IV IR seeking TRANQ darts, (2) thigh mounted shaped breaching charges, wrist mounted grappling cable w/ auto rewind,(9) beehive anti-personnel flechette charges across the back and shoulders w/ proximity trigger, twin Berserkeride combat drug injectors, image enhancing holographic display for target prompts and near miss indicator, a laser flash and nuc-proof visor for the face plate w/built in map box and battle computer w/radio and maser orbital range communication links and master robot controller!

Berserkeride a potent, addictive combat drug which is used by certain fanatic fringe groups to convert ordinary citizens into temporary supermen. The results are startling and short-lived. In humans the recipients quickly build up immunity to the drug’s effects; requiring greater doses to achieve the same effects and before long the addicts kill themselves when the doses reach toxic levels. The ‘berserkers’ exhibit superhuman strength and resistance to pain and ignore grievous injuries.

Hammer M-11 a very rugged and reliable weapon, it is the standard Murian 4mm gauss side arm for military personnel deployed to forward areas.

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