Motion Tracker

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Motion Tracker
Type Sensory Aid
Tech Level TL–9
Cost Cr240
Size 20 cm3
Weight 250 g

The Motion Tracker consists of a small foldout screen, a battery and housing and a set of sensors which measure changes in air density and background magnetic fields. The motion tracker will detect moving targets within the range. The motion tracker has two operating modes: active and passive. In active mode, the device emits electro-magnetic pings, which reflect from moving targets and give a reading as to their position, size, density, direction of travel, range, and speed. In passive mode, the device merely scans background magnetic fields and air density and reads moving targets' size, direction of travel, range, and speed from this data. The motion tracker can scan a 90° arc at any one time. A switch allows the arc to be flipped around, to scan another 90° arc.

These devices have a battery life of around six hours continuous use in passive mode, three hours use in active mode and an effective range of 100m on active mode, 50m on passive mode.

Some models of motion tracker also include a t-ray, millimetre-band radar, or LADAR unit, allowing the operator to view the moving targets mapped over an approximation of the surrounding terrain. Such models weigh around 500g and cost Cr750.

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