Massina Subsector

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Massina Subsector
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Sector Foreven
No. of Stars 22
Majority Control Zhodani Consulate - 100%
Map Key Map Key

Massina subsector is defended by the Zhodani 21st Fleet from its headquarters at Pliakrdla. The 21st Fleet was engaged in fighting in Regina and Jewell Subsectors, and suffered severe losses against the Imperial 213th Fleet when the Siege of Efate was lifted.

The 1116 population of the subsector is 39.6 billion, primarily concentrated on Stablstiaiql and Kloiabr. The 1202 population is estimated to be around 100.4 billion, and shows where the greatest effect of the Zhodani Exodus is evident. Nearly all of this increase has occured on the two high population worlds in the subsector, and has severely strained their resources. This is particularly true of Sablstiaql, whose arcologies have been driven to their design limits by the unforeseen and unplanned expansion.

While Massina has considerable economic capacity of its own, the economy mostly goes to support efforts in neighboring Zdiadlevepra (Ziafrplians P) subsector. The two main industrial powerhouses of the subsector (Stablstiaiql and Kloiabr) are really part of the industrial and commercial community of Zdiadlevepra subsector, and it is here they send most of their exports. Kloiabr was the main power, in spite of being dominated by Zhebronzebl, and its tax base was used to fund the subsector's basic services and military bases.

Self-sufficiency has never been an option, as its proximity to the Third Imperium makes the Consulate reluctant to place too much investment in a region only to see it destroyed or captured by its enemies. So in spite of its potential, the subsector was fairly sleepy in comparison to its neighbors in Ziafrplians. The only indication that things are not the same here is the legal requirement of armament on most civilian shipping. While Imperial raids are rarely (if ever) made here or in Zdiadlevepra (where the same requirement is in force) the presence of these weapons might act as a deterrent against such an eventuality.

The New Era[edit]

Much the subsector fleet equipment and manpower were in a stage of reorganisation just prior to the Exodus, and the massive outflows of people caught it at a vulnerable juncture.

The requirement for arming civilian merchants was scrapped in the wake of the Collapse, but many older vessels never had their armaments removed, and continue to mount them as the walls crumble down all around the Consulate.

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