Mark I (Prince of Caledon)

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Sovereign Prince: Mark I
Sovereign Prince of Principality of Caledon
Born 140
Ascended 188
Died 210
Preceeded by Dougal I
Succeeded by Angus II

Mark Saint John Andrews, eldest son of Laird Rodney and Lady Elsa Andrews.

Mark Andrews was yet another obscure petty noble from a powerful clan, this time from Clan Andrews, from rural Sloughland, a rural, agricultural continent on Caledon. A manufacturing entrepreneur (using funding from his clan credit pool), he was thrust into prominence by an arranged marriage to a daughter of John V. This time it was the 23 year old Eileen MacArthur, whom Mark married in 170.

Mark and Eileen, notwithstanding their arranged marriage, were by all accounts a very close couple. They had four children, the eldest of whom, Angus, would inherit the throne.

Mark ruled for 22 years - near the end of which time John V finally passed away, bringing an end to fifty years of continuous direct influence (although his five daughters would continue to send ripples through the royalty).

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