M182 class Parathan Desert Command Track

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M182 class Parathan Desert Command Track
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Unpublished, non-canon vehicle design.
Tech Level TL–6
Mass 3 dton
Cost Cr2,679,519.3
Mode Ground (Tracked)
Type Armored Personnel Carrier
Speed road 65kph
cross country 32.5kph
Cargo 1m³, 1,000kg
Crew 3 Driver, Gunner and Commander
Passengers 0
Armament 5cm Hyper velocity Auto Cannon, TAC Missile
Manufacturer Parathan State Armories
Also see Armored Fighting Vehicle
Manufactured by Paratha (world)

The M182 class Parathan Desert Command Track is a combatant groundcraft.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

M182 class Parathan Desert Command Track, TL-6: The vehicle's has a slight armor upgrade from the basic APC, they have a moderately sloped frontal face and a fully rotating turret on the chassis deck. This raises the profile on an already tall vehicle. They are sealed with a fire suppression system and air conditioning in addition to having over pressure versus chemical/bacteriological/and nuclear threats. It carries a special weapons package and a very expensive target acquisition RADAR. They are armed with a stabilized, 5cm, 5 barreled hyper velocity auto cannon and a TAC missile tube launcher. The vehicle is heavier and suffers from a higher ground pressure, it can get stuck in mud on a roll of 6. Almost twice the mass of the APC on the same suspension leads to some maintenance headaches. The cross country speed suffers as a result. The size of the power plant doubled, along with the rate of fuel consumption, so that the vehicle could keep up with its lighter allies.

Basic Vehicle Characteristics[edit]

Following the Imperial Army and IISS Universal Vehicle Profile and data, additional information is presented in the format shown here. The small craft factor indicates the number of squadrons (of ten craft) carried on the vehicle when applicable. Tonnage on the universal vehicle profile is shown in kilotons (thousands of tons) where necessary.

Basic Vehicle Characteristics
#. Category Remarks
1. Tonnage Chassis: Total mass loaded: 47.598692 metric tons
  • Height: 2.8m (+1m turret); Width: 3m; Length: 5m.
  • Total usable volume: 42m³
  • Hull Material: Hard Steel
2. Crew x3 crew: Driver, Gunner and Commander
3. Performance Speed: Road, 65kph / 54cm; Cross Country, 32.5kph / 27cm.
  • Movement effect on fire: move less than 1/2 -4 EFP, move more than 1/2 -4 FFP/no EFP, fully stabilized weapons platform.
  • The ground pressure is 4.82742 tons/m2. The power to weight ratio is 20.7149.
4. Electronics Power / Equipment: Power: a 1 megawatt improved internal combustion power plant, geared into a huge transmission for tracked drive.
  • The vehicle consumes 500 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 7,913.919 liters, enough for 15.8 hours.
  • Sealed environment with over pressure for 3 crew (proof against CBR/NBC threats);
  • Active IR searchlight
  • Radio direction finder +2 accuracy
  • 5 power target acquisition RADAR
  • 5,000 power radio
5. hardpoints One fully rotating armored turret on the chassis deck with TL–6 weapons stabilization.
6. Armament The stabilized, turret mounted 5cm, 5 barreled, gas operated, hyper velocity auto cannon can engage 16 targets/phase. The gun has a +1 signature when it fires. There is storage for 3,200 rounds, enough for 20 fire phases. A full load of KEAP and/or HEAP ammo is included in the purchase price. It has TL 6 direct and indirect fire control. It must be in communication with a fire direction center to conduct indirect fire missions. Its other direct fire characteristics are:
Direct Fire Characteristics: 5cm Auto Cannon
Effective Range: 1km with KEAP +5
Long Range: 2km +4
Extreme Range: 3.5km +2

The weapon requires 5 turns to set up for indirect fire missions. The 5cm Auto Canon has 4kg rounds. There is storage for 3,200 rounds, enough for 20 fire missions. A full load of HEAP and KEAP are included with the purchase price. The HE rounds have low penetration and no burst radius, so HEAP is used for indirect fire and the KEAP is kept for direct fire. The weapon has a ROF of 160 rounds/mission. It has a +1 signature.

7. Defenses Armor: Turret Front 22, chassis front 21, chassis sides 8, chassis rear, belly and deck 4.
  • Target Size DMs: +2 low, +0 high hits
  • x8 smoke dischargers
8. Craft None.
9. Fuel Fuel capacity 7,913.919 liters, enough distilled hydrocarbons for 15.8 hours.
10. Cost Production Cost: Cr2,679,519.3.
11. Construction Time 4 weeks.
12. Comments Maintenance:
  • Vehicle 8
  • Electronics 12
  • Weapons 5
  • Suspension 5
Indirect Fire Characteristics:
5cm Auto Canon
Range Accuracy
5km (-3)
10km (-7)

The Ammunition available includes:

Ammunition Types
Type Characteristics Price
HE (7/-/-) Cr20
HEAP (12) Cr30
Illum (25cm) Cr40
Smoke (1cm x 1cm) Cr20
Chemical (1cm x 1cm; burns 4 turns) Cr40
KEAP 26/24/22 Cr.30
KEAPER 24/22/20 Cr.33

TAC Missiles[edit]

There is a tube missile launcher in the turret on the chassis deck. The launcher carries a single operator guided missile with a wire command link, included for the purchase price. These missiles are 22kg and carry a 18cm HEAP 45 warhead. These missiles have a +1 DM to hit and a 4km range.

Type Attack Range Price
Wire Op-Guided HEAP 45, 4km Cr83.5

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Designed and manufactured at TL–6, these vehicles were commissioned and license built for the certain military clients on Paratha (world), in the Ras Tennol Subsector of the Far Home Sector in the Distant Fringe. The vehicle's three crew, typically include the unit commander. They are responsible for providing their company with RADAR directed anti-aircraft defense, and the weapon serves as an improvised indirect fire artillery support for the three platoons in its charge. Lastly in a direct fire role, it is expected to protect the other command post vehicles. These include the M181L class Parathan Desert Mobile Field Kitchen and the M6 class Parathan Medium Helicopter. They are designed to operate and maneuver in the open desert. The cargo space is essential to survival, food, water and extra fuel cans can mean the difference between life and death for the 3 souls which call these steel boxes home. They stow tents, tools, medical kits, shovels, extra ammo etc. Unit commanders are expected to have a very active role in directing their units in the three Paratha Combat Brigades. The RADAR is by far the most expensive component.

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