Letter of Marque, Rogues in Space Vol. 1

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Letter of Marque
Rogues in Space Volume 1
Author J. Andrew Keith
Publisher Cargonaut Press
Version Classic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 89
Year Published 1998
Canonical Yes
Available from TBD
Also See Rogue

Letter of Marque, Rogues in Space Vol. 1 is a Cargonaut Press product.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A privateer sweeping down to capture and destroy enemy shipping... a corporate raider waging a relentless 'tradewar' against a rival... even a pirate, with a handful of cutthroats to stand against the might of the Imperial Navy... these are the adventures that await inside.

Now, for the first time, detailed rules on how to carry out a career of piracy and interstellar plunder in the universe of TRAVELLER. Assemble and equip a corsair expedition, seek backers or government support for a privateering voyage, and set out into the star lanes in search of a laden merchantmen. Stalk victims through the trackless reaches of a star system dodging patrols and seeking out worthwhile targets. Take home prize ships and captured cargo, sell them, conduct repairs, and set out again.

This supplement contains complete rules on all these aspects of commerce raiding and more. Additional rules cover recruitment, starships used by corsairs and pirates, equipment, and pirate character generation. Deckplans and descriptions of a typical corsair are included as well.

Finally, this supplement contains a complete campaign, Marque and Reprisal, following a privateering expedition against the powerful Carrillian Assembly in the Reavers' Deep Sector. The campaign includes general information plus specific details on encounters with four new starship types, with deckplans, descriptions, High Guard stats, and everything else the players and referee need for a complete commerce raiding campaign!

Table of Contents[edit]

Letter of Marque, Rogues in Space Vol. 1
Section Page/s

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Aariskin Corporation
  2. Accelerator Rifle pg. 36
  3. Bond
  4. Cargo
  5. Cargo Carrier
  6. Carrillian Assembly
  7. Combat Snub Pistol pg. 36
  8. Commerce Raider
  9. Corsair
  10. Corsair Base
  11. Imperial Calendar
  12. Launch
  13. Laser Pistol pg. 36
  14. Letter of Marque
  15. Life Support
  16. Mainworld / Best World
  17. Military Transport
  18. Orbit
  19. Pinnance
  20. Piracy / Pirate
  21. Portable Airlock pg. 36
  22. Principality of Caledon
  23. Privateer
  24. Provincial Merchant
  25. Q-Ship
  26. Reaver's Deep Sector
  27. Ship's Papers pg. 37
  28. Shuttle
  29. Smuggling
  30. Snub Pistol pg. 36
  31. Star Lane
  32. Starstream Enterprises
  33. Star System
  34. Tradewar
  35. Transponder pgs. 37-38
  36. Troop Ship
  37. Wall Patch pgs. 36-27

Library Data Entries (Automated)[edit]

Library data entries

Selected Ships[edit]

  1. Armed Merchantman Pg. 45
  2. Auxiliary Merchant Pg. 46
  3. Close Escort Pg. 46
    1. Type CE class Close Escort
      1. Gazelle class Close Escort
  4. Patrol Frigate Pg. 46
    1. Type F class Patrol Frigate Pg. 52
      1. Avenger class Patrol Frigate Pg. 46, 52-57
  5. Scout/Courier Pg. 46
    1. Type S class Scout/Courier
  6. System Defense Boat Pg. 46
    1. Dragon class System Defense Boat
  7. Type A class Free Trader Pg. 46
    1. Beowulf class Free Trader
  8. Type A2 class Far Trader Pg. 46
    1. Garu class Far Trader
  9. Type M class Subsidized Merchant Pg. 46
    1. Bastien class Subsidized Liner
  10. Type NP class Raider pg. 31-35, 69-70
    1. Succubus class Raider Pg. 46, 64-70
  11. Type P class Corsair pg. 31-32
    1. Nishemani class Corsair
  12. Type R class Subsidized Merchant Pg. 46
    1. March class Subsidized Merchant
  13. Type RP class Provincial Merchant Pg. 46
    1. Nymph class Provincial Merchant Pg. 46, 64-70
    2. Wood Nymph class Provincial Merchant Pg. 64
  14. Type RT class Bulk Cargo Carrier Pg. 46
    1. Providence class Bulk Cargo Carrier Pg. 46, 58-63
  15. Type T Patrol Cruiser Pg. 46
    1. Lurushaar Kilaalum class Corvette
  16. Type TF class Freighter Pg. 46
    1. Dakaar class Freighter Pg. 46, 47-51
  17. Type XT class Express Boat Tender pg. 31-32
    1. Lirshala class Express Boat Tender

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

It is an early Classic Traveller supplement.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Author J. Andrew Keith

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