Laurence III (Prince of Caledon)

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Sovereign Prince: Laurence III
Sovereign Prince of Principality of Caledon
Born 315
Ascended 364
Died 392
Preceeded by Simon III
Succeeded by Hamish II

Laurence Fitzmartin Andrews was the fourth son (sixth child) of Laird Andrew and Lady Beatrice Andrews of Kilcudlough.

He attended the Royal Caledonian Naval Academy, finishing 13th in a class of 350. Fatefully, one of his classmates was Ian Urquehart, a fencing team sparring partner who became a lifelong friend.

After serving 12 years in the fleet, Laurence joined the House of Lords, and was head of Simon III's privy council. After Simon's passing without suitable offspring, Laurence (and Laird Andrew) negotiated a deal with the clans Searl, MacArthur of Loch Beairn and others to attain the throne; the deal including marrying off two of his children - his son Hamish (the future Hamish II) and daughter Alison (to Gordon Searle).

Laurence, 49 years old at accession, was ruler through one of the most fraught and turbulent periods in the Principality's history; the Reaver War, the unprecedented expansion (the Principality annexed four systems during his reign).

He retired at age 71, in 386, and lived until 392 on his estate in rural Caledon.

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