Lambda Cygni (star)

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Lambda Cygni Aa
Spectral B5 V
Multiple Trinary
Luminosity 1260 LSol
Absolute magnitude
Mag Terra 5.4
Temperature 13,925° K
Mass 6.40 MSol
Radius 3.56 RSol
Companion Lambda Cygni Ab & Lambda Cygni B
Lambda Cygni Ab
Spectral B? V
Type Main sequence
Multiple Close Companion
Luminosity 800 LSol
Absolute magnitude
Mag Terra 5.8
Temperature ° K
Mass 6.4 MSol
Companion Lambda Cygni Aa
Lambda Cygni B
Spectral B7 V
Multiple Far Companion
Luminosity 400 LSol
Absolute magnitude
Mag Terra 6.3
Temperature ° K
Mass 5.12 MSol
Companion Lambda Cygni A

The star Lambda Cygni is a trinary star system comprised of three blue-white main sequence stars of spectral type "B".

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Lambda Cygni A subsystem is comprised of the components Aa & Ab which orbit one another as close companions once every 11.6 years at an average distance of 11.3AU.

  • The orbit of this pair has a high eccentricity, the orbital distance varying from 5AU at periastron to 17AU at apastron.
  • Lambda Cygni B orbits the Lambda Cygni A pair once every 391 years with an average separation of 183AU, going from 101AU at periastron to 216AU at apastron.

The Lambda Cygni star system lies approximately 235.8pc from Terra, and is located in a Coreward/Corespinward direction from Terra at bearing 078.1o Galactic Longitude and -04.3o South Galactic Latitude.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Despite the similarity in historical name, Lambda Cygni is NOT the primary star of the world Lamadii/Ushra (Dagudashaag 1011). Though it lies at the correct bearing from Terra, Lambda Cygni lies at a much farther distance and has the wrong spectral type.

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