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The Kolan Hegemony today consists of Kurat (Reaver's Deep 2315), Rock (Reaver's Deep 2214) and the capital of Kolath (Reaver's Deep 2313).

  • The Hegemony is considered a part of the Imperium, but is administratively independent from the authority of the neighboring Nightrim subsector, which governs other Imperial territory in this area.




The Kolan Hegemony fosters hopes of independence. It is this states, awash in a sea of scattered star systems that remembers the sector's past glories, chart the present, and plot her future.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

This local autonomy is a long-standing arrangement; it dates back to the latter part of the Aslan Border Wars period (the Imperial phase, 200-380), when the Imperium was just beginning to expand into Reavers' Deep in the face of oppositions from various Aslan clans.

Kolath at that time was a late Reaver Kingdom, encompassing its present area plus Gash (Reaver's Deep 2116), Gerim (Reaver's Deep 2416), and Mer (Reaver's Deep 2414). Already organized, the region served as an excellent springboard for an Imperial presence in the area, so treaties were signed binding Kolath to the Imperium, but with a grant of local autonomy. As time went on, Gash pulled out of the Hegemony (and the Imperium), and the Imperium found it expedient to detach Gerim and Mer. Current trends hint that Rock will be the next to go.

Still, Kolath remains set in its insistence on internal autonomy, ruling its possessions in accordance with tradition.

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Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

It has been some time since the Imperium permitted Kolath a sizable interstellar fleet, but recruitment for Imperial armed forces (especially the Navy and Marines) is high on Kolath, and their personnel have a justifiably famous reputation as superb fighters.

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