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Kirov class Cruiser/meta

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Kirov class Cruiser

CA-P4336F3-691106-878K6-0  MCr. 78,685.901      Tonnage: 72,000  
Bearing     B   8 AA518			        Crew: 649
Batteries   E   A CC61A                         TL: 12
Cargo: 100 tons  Fuel: 25,920 tons  EP: 4,320 Agility: 2   Marines: 72   Drop Capsules: 20 (plus 52 Ready)
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Backups: 1 x Model/6fib Computer
Architects Fee: MCr 786.859   Cost in Quantity: MCr 62,948.721