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John Watts is the owner and president of Independence Games, previously Gypsy Knights Games (which was a third party publisher for Traveller). Independence Games is a small press publisher creating supplements for the Cepheus Engine role-playing game but useable for Traveller.


John Watts is the owner and president of Independence Games (formerly Gypsy Knights Games). Independence Games publishes the Clement Sector, Earth Sector, Rider and Action Movie Physics RPGs. John is married to his wonderful wife, Wendy, and they live with two cats: Moneypenny and Felix.

John is the originator of the Clement Sector setting as well as the Earth Sector setting, both of which are standalone RPGs or can be used with the Cepheus Engine RPG. In support of these settings, John has written numerous sourcebooks and articles.

Independence Games' products can be purchased in print or PDF at Drive-thru RPG and at their webstore at Independence Games

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