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A minority culture among the Lithkind, consisting entirely of females of ethnic Jethrac descent. They were named after their founder, a genetic engineer from a female Eld (Lithkind society is split into complimentary but separate gender spheres, due to the nature of Lithkind reproduction). Several centuries ago, Ileet discovered a hormone that blocked the onset of full sexual maturity (a condition that in Lithkind means relatively imminent death). She advocated manufacture of this chemical for those who wished it, and the option to use cloning to reproduce. Ileet found many supporters within her own Eld, and was elected Ozelda (leader of the community). However, the Lithkind ruling body -- the Council of Noon -- decided that her ideas threatened the fabric of Lithkind society. Facing execution but unwilling to give up their beliefs, Ileet and her followers fled the homeworld of Izyme, eventually founding their own colony in the Zikarah System. A resource-rich asteroid belt on the trailing fringes of SELK -- though actually in Krotan Primacy space -- it was subsequently referred to as "Zikarah Diadem" by Lithkind naming convention, though official charts tend to simply call it Zikarah. The Ileet survive today, occasionally bothering Krotan and Lithkind shipping with raids, causing diplomatic tensions between the two races, who are otherwise default allies by virtue of Hiver support and mutual wariness of the K'kree.

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