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Notes (2019)[edit]

I think the wiki is great and that you all do a great job here and that the wiki is a great resource.

But not everyone thinks so. Listen to this. Jump to 7:28 to hear an opinion about the wiki:

BeRKA (talk) 05:01, 12 October 2019 (EDT)

No big deal. Many fans have impressions of it from a decade or more ago and have never checked back since. In many cases, there simply isn't data to populate many articles because it has never been written. So, he makes a fair point.

  • On the other hand, how can we evaluate how much a near limitless, imaginary world is done? 2% is kind of a nebulous estimate in that regard.
  • Others have said the same thing before. Regardless of their approval or disapproval, the development team pushes forward.
  • When the current wiki team decided to take action around late 2014 and I drew the short straw to be the figurehead and deal with the critics, it was probably at an all time low. Many authors and fans outright disregarded it and rightfully so. Now, Mongoose writes about and uses it. FFE makes fan cards promoting it and Marc uses its careful research (...usually available nowhere else) to write his books. That's worthwhile, right?
  • What the critics are missing is that there are now numerous treasures found in the wiki's articles including some of the most complete and well developed articles ever written about Traveller. Marc Miller uses them... Could there be a bigger Traveller compliment?
  • But, hey, it's a resource... Anyone can pull out of it what they will...
  • I like Shawn and it's no big deal. I can drop him a line and take in feedback from him. There is always room for improvement!
  • I also thought I'd mention that the wiki has an article for artists like Shawn Driscoll and even features some of his art by permission! His feeling may have changed since he made that video...
  • Thanks BeRKA!
- Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 08:44, 12 October 2019 (EDT)

Good response to this criticism.

BeRKA (talk) 08:58, 12 October 2019 (EDT)