Dawn (De 1336) (world)

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Keine Ergebnisse

Description (Planetology)[edit]

Dawn is a failed gas giant with four moons, almost big enough to qualify as a true panthalassic world that features startlingly deep oceans, no land masses at all, a strong 1.7 G gravity and an exotic oxygen-rich atmosphere.

Dawn gets its name from its spectacular fluorescent sunrises and sunsets, caused by the argon and neon atmospheric taint. No land at all breaks Dawn's watery surface.

Point of Interest: The Makranii (Ship Cities) of Dawn[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Dawn Orbital Highport is a large trade and warehousing center, while Dawn Downport is a floating starport, startown and naval base, with lifters that enable it to reach orbit in case of emergency.

Since colonization, two entirely different cultures have developed; some 170,000 people inhabit the orbital starport, while the other 250,000 live as nomads on the planet in thousands of free-floating Makranii, or ship-cities. Few official ties exist between the two cultures.

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