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The Cryophage is a named ship model of the Inquiry class Lab Ship.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Far out in the Tsorva (world) system a tiny speck of rock orbits a lonely ice capped vacuum world. This rock is actually a 400 dton Inquiry class Lab Ship. This particular lab ship is home to an unusual facility. Dr. Ernesto Pensberg is a scientist: BB4B96 1.9m 89kg white/blue Age 46 7 Terms Cr. 10,000 Computer 4, Mechanical 2, Medical 1

He is a researcher and designer with degrees in applied robotics. He has a few obvious cybernetic accoutrements, including a cranial implant with an IR reticle. He was accompanied by his steadfast spouse and research assistant, Eunice Pensberg C4A932. She is 1.7m 74kg black/green Age 42 6 Terms Cr. 30,000 Computer 2, Admin 1, Navigation 1, Gravitics 1, Survival-1, Electronics 1. In life she suffered from a series of grave injuries and an alien disease as a result of working with her husband. Her conditions require her to rest and hibernate for long periods of time. Her virtual telepresence runs things while her body is preserved in a medical lowberth. She has been "saved" through the use of his necromantic cybernetics. He has stumbled upon a cache of advanced robo-organic technology. He found alien relics and used them to ply his trade. Eunice's pale cold flesh sags and has livid discoloration of bruises that never heal. Her right arm is freakishly strong with a steely grip. She is networked as a node with the ship's computer.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

This asteroid vessel is now the headquarters of the C&C Toy Company. Their main product line is a pleasure bot. These are vat grown with quasi-organic tissue culture. They have a robotic endoskeleton with a living sleeve of flesh covering. They decant with the appearance of 18 year old female humans. There are a variety model lines available including Trudy brunettes, Bambi blondes and Deidre red heads. They are 1.5m tall, 40kg and have 1d6+6 stats. They activate with up to four skill points slotted on delivery and can learn more. The only limits for this production line is the raw materials and the time it takes to grow them. The 60 ton cargo bay is mostly filled with the automated factory which has been grafted to the advanced alien technology he found. Thirteen lowberths have been converted into growth capsules. The fourteenth one is reserved for Eunice, hers is heavily networked into the ship, her voice is the ship's systems and she runs navigation functions and monitors production levels from her relaxation couch, as Ernesto refers to it. Several of these female androids have been infiltrated into the royal courts of VIP elites in this system and beyond. Used as bodyguards and companions, they are akin a well trained ninja-geishas. The fabrication bays are largely automated and the ship's crew positions are filled with Dr. Pensberg's lovely ladies.

The good doctor will covertly arrange for mercantile deliveries to the ice world below. He prefers to deal with free traders and usually only uses them once or twice if he can. He pays for medical supplies, electronic parts and components, computer software and sends female passengers back on charters for their new work assignments. To casual inspection his base looks like a tiny belter camp on the surface of a tiny rock. He broad waves, usually voice only and prefers they leave the delivers at coordinates on the desolate surface that he can have his ladies recover later with the pinnace.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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