Constellation of Koekhon

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Julian Protectorate

Present in: Amdukan, Arzul, Empty Quarter, Mendan, Stars End, Trenchans

This mixed Human-Vargr state has Vargr in charge of the Executive branch of government; Humans control the Judiciary. Most Humans in the area are of Solomani extraction, and there is a sizeable population descended from deportees from Terra itself. The Vargr population, like that of most of the Protectorate, is primarily Irilitok Vargr, but sizeable minorities of Urzaeng and Ovaghoun Vargr can also be found.

The Constellation’s society is paradoxical in some ways; while Human/Vargr cooperation is at a very high level, some of the strongest bigotry of one race against the other can also be found here, primarily among the Urzaeng Vargr communities, many of whom are descendants of refugees from anti-Vargr pogroms in the Gashikan region, and among the Human Image community on Jyestha House (Divide/Amdukan 1432), a religious group that believes that Humans were created “in the image of” their deity, and that other “supposedly intelligent” species are merely a mockery of that deity’s work, and unworthy of association with those who are “truly intelligent”.

The Constellation of Koekhon’s central location within the protectorate leaves it comparatively isolated from contact with states and cultures from outside the Protectorate, and it maintains formal relations within the Protectorate only with the Rukadukaz Republic. In debates in the Protectorate legislature, Koekhon delegates generally present an isolationist viewpoint.

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