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ComStar Games is a division of ComStar Media, LLC a publishing company.

The creators of ComStar Media, besides being talented writers, are avid gamers. ComStar Games seemed like a natural extension to their publishing company. Even with a crowded gaming market, there is still room for great games. ComStar Games plans on developing dynamic and exciting games that will be "must haves" for the gaming community.

ComStar Media was the brainchild of William and Jennifer Andersen and Jack R. Reynolds. Together they created a publishing company that could publish using many different media's. Not only can ComStar offer authors and artists the traditional book publishing, but can also offer web and electronic publishing.

The goal of ComStar's founders is to provide unknown authors an ability to find their 'in' into the world of publication. They are dedicated to not only discovering unknown talent in untapped places but also to publish great stories that will keep people coming back for more!

In addition to ComStar's ability to provide publication abilities for people, with the division of CyberStar Designs, the company is able to provide low-cost web pages and custom designed graphics through CyberStar Designs for any level of website, from professional to personal! Check us out and give us a try. You won't be disappointed.


In 2011, ComStar games closed their doors. Their back catalog was acquired by Avalon Game Company, which continued to provide their titles to the public.

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