Career Book 1

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Career Book 1
Author Richard Hazlewood
Publisher Spica Publishing
Version Mongoose Traveller
Format Book (Softback) (PDF)
Language English
Pages 36
Year Published 2008
Canonical No
Available from DriveThru RPG
Also See Vocation
Stock #: SP 0101
ISBN 978-0-9560893-1-1

Career Book 1 is a Spica Publishing source book designed for Mongoose Traveller.

Career Book 1 from Spica Publishing includes eight new careers for Traveller.

  1. Adventurer
  2. Bounty Hunter
  3. Clergy
  4. Colonist
  5. Corporate Citizen
  6. Militant Religious
  7. Space Patrol
  8. Worker

Also included are expanded Mishap and Events tables for eight of the core careers in the Traveller Main Book, and two alternative Life and Unusual Events tables for use during character generation.

Career Book 1 also provides 40 pre-generated characters, three from each of the eight new careers, plus 12 multi-career characters, all pre-generated and ready for use.

Spica Publishing released the print edition of Career Book 1 on 17 November 2008.


Richard Hazlewood

Table of Contents[edit]

Career Book 1
Section Page/s
Introduction 2
Existing Careers 4
New Careers 15
Pre-generated characters 33


  1. Freelance Traveller 045
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