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221-1117: Depot/Corridor (1511 A686354-F)

§The Naval High Command of Corridor Fleet today announced the arrival of Emperor Lucan's Transfer Order.
§To help save the Imperium from the rebel Dulinor, the announcement said, Corridor Fleet is to transfer to Zarushagar within a month.
§Local authorities expressed confidence that sufficient assets would remain in Corridor Sector to defend the region against Vargr raids.[1] Ω


This is a counter-based game to model what happened once the transfer of the Corridor Fleet has occurred - The Corridor Fleet has gone: The players will represent the 'Local Authorities' in their efforts to defend their homes - or the Vargr in their efforts to take control of the space-ways of the Corridor Sector.

The game is based upon the rules for Fifth Frontier War. Consequently, this is NOT playable without the tables supplied in that game. Original versions can be obtained here (if they are available). The 'Vassal Engine' software equivalent can be found here.


The rules can be found here.

These only detail changes from those used in the standard Fifth Frontier War game. This is not a standalone item.


Map Documents[edit]

To access the Map, Map key, etc. see Map

Region of the Incursions[edit]

The hex map is the chart of the Coreward subsectors of the Corridor Sector, parts of the Million and Atsah Subsectors from the Deneb Sector and parts of the Rimward subsectors of the Tuglikki and Provence Sectors. It also includes the very edge of the Vland Sector in the Voskhod and Lalaki Kharir Subsectors.

The Hex Grid[edit]

The hexagonal grid shows the area where starship squadrons move and fight during the course of the war. Each hexagon is approximately one parsec (3.26 light years) across, giving the entire display scale dimensions of about 50 parsecs by 30 parsecs. For simplicity in display and conceptualization, the third dimension is disregarded in this game.

Most hexagons (hexes) contain nothing of value; all that is represented is empty space. Other hexes contain world symbols showing the presence of a world and other associated system bodies and facilities.

Starports are marked where they can provide Construction and/or Repair for squadrons; or fuel when other options are unavailable.

A: Construction (Jump Squadron)
A-B: Construction (SDB/Monitor Squadron)
A-C: Repair (Any Squadron)
A-D: Fuel (Any Squadron)
E-X: Nothing

Gas Giants are shown and, when present, the system contains a large planet similar to Jupiter or Saturn. Gas giants provide hydrogen gas for starship fuel.

Asteroids are shown and, when present, the system provides many places for squadrons to hide. Some main worlds are asteroids.

Various types of Base are shown:

Naval Base or Depot symbols show places where squadrons are based at the start of the game. These bases can provide fuel to their owners.
Scout Base symbols show places where scout squadrons are based at the start of the game. These bases can provide fuel to their owners.
Army Base Symbols show places where Troop Units are received.
Research Station symbols show places where technology can be looted.
X-Boat station symbols show places where transport is available for Imperial Admirals

World names are given for each world on the map. World names in red are politically important capitals. World names in all capitals indicate high population worlds.

World symbols surrounded by a red circle indicate worlds which have been classified as travel zone red and are interdicted to Imperial forces. The effects of interdiction are explained in the special rules section.

Borders between areas are labelled to show political entities at the start of the invasion.

The Transit Boxes[edit]

There are various boxes that are used to hold nearby reinforcements for the various states. Each box is connected to other boxes and/or the main hex map by arrows. These arrows show where reinforcements in that box may enter (or exit) the main hex map. n.b. A Fleet or Scout Squadron may only pass a line from hex/box to box/hex if it has a jump-capability that is equal to or greater than the jump value stated, or is part of a Fleet containing adequate Tanker Squadron(s) to Refuel the Fleet on-route or is carried aboard a Carrier Squadron.

The Serk Puppet Government Box[edit]

This box contains the Troop Counter raised by the Government of Serk once the Vargr have removed all non-Guerrilla units from the surface of that world - prior to that unit being raised. The Serk Puppet Government Troop Counter is initially deployed in this box (See Initial Deployments)

Counter Sheets[edit]

There are a large number of counter sheets that can be found here.

The key to the various types of counter are included on that page.

Counter types include:

  • Troop Counters representing Surface Forces of two sub-types
    • Conventional Forces
    • Guerrilla Forces
  • Squadron Counters representing Space Forces
  • SDB Counters representing System Defence Forces
  • Fleet Counters that represent groups of Squadrons acting in concert. Each fleet counter is mapped to a Fleet Box on the Fleet Box Sheets
  • Admiral Counters that represent the exceptional leaders that command Fleets.
  • Interdiction Counters
  • Political State Counters
  • Turn (Year and Week) Counters

Political Backgrounds[edit]

Domain of Deneb[edit]

Led by Norris, the Archduke of Deneb and Duke of Regina, this is the largest surviving faction of the Imperium but it is also beset by Aslan, Sword Worlds, Zhodani Consulate and Vargr issues that mean it actually has very few resources to spare for the Corridor Sector's defence.

The Domain is friendly with the United Followers of Augurgh and the Ngath Confederation at the start of the game. Domain forces may enter the territory of all unfriendly Vargr states, Imperial territory in the Corridor Sector and may refuel at gas-giants in the systems of Independent States but may not invade them. The forces of the Domain of Deneb may not land on or refuel from Interdicted Planets.

United Followers of Augurgh[edit]

The United Followers of Augurgh are a small, and relatively recently formed, Vargr state.

The United Followers of Augurgh are friendly towards the Imperium and the Dzarrgh Federate and may not:

They may:

  • Refuel at gas-giants in the systems of Independent States and/or invade them.
  • Move through the Dzarrgh Federate's starting territory without hindrance but may not land on the surface of Dzarrgh Federate worlds.

Dzarrgh Federate[edit]

The Dzarrgh Federate are out for Loot. They are friendly with both the United Followers of Augurgh and the Irrgh Manifest. They may move their units through the UFA's and Irrgh Manifest's starting territory without hindrance while they remain friendly, but may not land on the surface of either's worlds.

The Dzarrgh Federate starts at war with the Imperial states.

They may Refuel at gas-giants in the systems of Independent States and/or invade them.

Irrgh Manifest[edit]

The Irrgh Manifest is seeking advantage against the Glory of Taarskoerzn and looting the Corridor Sector is a means by which this can be achieved.

The Irrgh Manifest starts at war with the Imperial states and the Glory of Taarskoerzn.

They may:

  • Refuel at gas-giants in the systems of Independent States and/or invade them.
  • Move through the Dzarrgh Federate's starting territory without hindrance but may not land on the surface of Dzarrgh Federate worlds.

Duchy of Kaasu/Corsair Alliance[edit]

The Duchy of Kaasu represents the forces in Corridor Sector loyal to the Sector Duke. It is one of the Imperial states. The Duchy of Kaasu is initially friendly with the Domain of Deneb and Neutral towards the New Ziru Sirka. It is at war with all Vargr States except the Ngath Confederation and the United Followers of Augurgh with who they are Neutral. The duchy has no scruples regarding the invasion of Independent States but may not land on or refuel from Interdicted Planets.

Glory of Taarskoerzn[edit]

This is a group of Vargr in rebellion against the Irrgh Manifest and starts at war with that state. It is also at war with the Imperium. It may not make peace with either of those states during the game. It is neutral regarding all other Vargr States.

It has no scruples regarding the invasion of the Independent States.

Ngath Confederation[edit]

This is a state that starts Neutral with all other groups. The Irrgh Manifest has some reinforcements that arrive via the Ngath Confederation. The Ngath Confederation has a patrol that may be used to pre-empt Vargr or Imperial invasion of Independent States and is acting as peacekeepers on one world. Any direct attack on its two units will result in the Ngath Confederation joining the Irrgh Manifest (if attacked by the Imperial Forces) or the New Ziru Sirka (if attacked by the Vargr forces).

New Ziru Sirka[edit]

The forces of Vland and its allied Vilani worlds, this group starts Neutral towards the other Imperial states and at war with all the Vargr States except the Ngath Confederation. It may invade Independent States. Should it's fleets meet those of the Domain of Deneb there is, on each such occasion, a 50% chance of their firing upon one another and the state of their relationship turning to war!

Independent States[edit]

These states are those that wish to remain uninvolved in the conflict, but are tempting targets for the Vargr and some Imperial states. They will fight any state that invades their planets.

Administrative Sheets[edit]

Political States Sheet[edit]

This sheet shows, for each major state the political state in relation to each other major state. Initial states are marked with black outlines.

n.b. Domain of Deneb Client States are the same as the Domain of Deneb; New Ziru Sirka Client States are the same as the New Ziru Sirka.

Vargr Incursions - Political States Sheet.jpg

Fleet Composition Charts[edit]

Vargr Incursions - Fleet - UFA.jpg

World Box Sheets[edit]

Turn Chart[edit]

Turn 1 is week 1, 1117-XI. This is shown in Yellow on the sheet.

The chart shows Year (1117 to 1130) and then within that year Week by Month

The year 1130 was chosen because:

  1. Any player is probably bored by then
  2. By the end of 1130 news of the release of Virus reaches the factions in the game region

Vargr Incursions - Turn Chart.jpg

Reinforcement Lists[edit]

The list of reinforcements by turn is found here.

The reinforcement counter sheets can be found here.

The rules for placements of reinforcements can be found here.

Combat Tables[edit]

n.b. The Combat Tables sheets are provided in the Fifth Frontier War game and are NOT provided here.

Initial Deployments[edit]

Initial Deployments are listed by Political Faction and can be found here

The order for these deployments can be found in the Rules

Credits and Acknowledgements[edit]

Author: BackworldTraveller

The Map was developed from that displayed by An excellent resource - worth a look!

The Vargr Incursions Game is based on concepts from Fifth Frontier War, published by Games Designers Workshop in 1981.

And many thanks to those on the COTI Message Board (particularly Drakon) who pushed me into doing this!

Finally to Pakkrat, Tjoneslo, GypsyComet and others for the criticism - and ideas for related scenarios.

Designer's Notes[edit]

For Designers Notes see here

Adventure Seeds[edit]

For associated adventure seeds see here

References & Sources[edit]

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