Camouflage Cover

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Camouflage Cover
Type Protective Gear
Tech Level TL–12
Cost Cr350
Size 1 meter square
Weight 200g

Camouflage Cover is a light, thin, strong, and usually quite large piece of fabric consisting of variable pigment cells woven together. The color and pattern, IR, and electromagnetic signature can be electronically adjusted to fit in with the surrounding environment. Almost completely detection-proof, it is used to conceal large items in the wilderness such as ships, vehicles, and encampments.

Camouflage cover is made up of three basic parts: the fabric itself, a control module, and several pegs. The control module weighs 500g and looks essentially like a hand computer. By programming in the correct codes the color, pattern, and signature of the cover can be changed to correspond with the surroundings. This process takes about five minutes.

The cover is then placed over the object it is meant to conceal and held down with the pegs. These pegs weigh 150g each and are placed along the edges of the cover; they use a small grav field generator to hold the cover down. One peg is required for every 10 meters of perimeter, with a minimum of four pegs (one for each corner). Placing the pegs requires about one minute per peg, and removing them takes half that time.

When Camouflage cover is setup over an object with the proper patterns programmed in (sand for desert, rock for mountains, plants for forest) it will become almost completely undetectable. From a distance it is virtually impossible to find with normal sight, IR, or ship's scanners. From a short distance (anywhere from 20 to 200 meters, depending on the environment) it is more easily detected. At this range it is automatically detected if it is being actively searched for. It is also automatically detected upon contact.

Camouflage cover is sold in almost every size up to 100 meters square. The cost is Cr100 per square meter of cloth, and each square meter weighs about 200g. The control module costs Cr350 and each peg costs 50 credits.

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