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The Brethren Uplift Institute is an organization dedicated to the uplift of promising lifeforms from creature status to sophont status.

Description / Specifications[edit]

This organization works on the principle that all life is precious and valuable. However due to finite resources, only the most promising and advanced creatures are forwarded for evaluation before being selected for uplift. It is estimated that only 1 out of every 1,000,000 lifeforms makes the cut to undergo the uplift process which can takes decades or even centuries before progress is shown, let alone true sophontdom.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The organization combines both scientific and religious practices in a complex fashion that has renders great success in exobiological achievement. The organization as its roots in the Church of the Brethren movement. Some conjecture that the Solomani roots of that movement gave the organization more sophisticated uplift technologies than the Third Imperium alone could provide. Many outside observers estimate that the organization is employing cutting edge TL-16 scientific theories and technologies in pursuit of its uplift mission, but intense security have blocked the interstellar media from further exploring these rumors.

Worlds & Sectors / Astrography[edit]

This interstellar project is primarily found in the following areas:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are associated with this interstellar project:

Chathi  •  Mikhid  •  Nurashimu  •  Perekir  •  

References & Contributors / Sources[edit]

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