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Contrary to the Solomani Hypothesis, Humaniti did NOT originate on Terra. Before the Year -1,000,000, long before even the rise of the Ancients around the Year -300,000, humans actually first arrived on Terra from the planet Kobol, which is outside Charted Space and in another galaxy outside the Milky Way Galaxy.

The first humans in Charted Space actually were in an intergalactic space fleet led by their flagship the Battlestar Galactica, and these ships possessed a jump drive far more powerful than the FTL drive used during the time of the Third Imperium. They were fleeing a race of Robots called Cylons.

Knowledge about the Battlestar Galactica and its fleet, Kobol, the Cylons, and the true origins of Humaniti were not discovered until the time of the Fifth Imperium.

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