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Axe, metal
Single bit wood axe
Type Tool
Tech Level TL–1
Cost Cr220
Size 2 liters
Weight 1.8 kg

An Axe is a heavy bladed tool used to shape, split and cut wood, harvest timber, and as a weapon. During the TL–1 era the head of the axe is made of metal, usually copper, bronze or iron. The axe handle usually is wood, though for axes designed as weapons, the handle is reinforced or replaced by metal. It is during the TL–1 development era where the design of an axe begins to reflect its intended purpose. There are different axe designs for felling trees, carpentry, and warfare. With the development of firearms at TL–2, the use of the axe as a weapon falls from favor. Other designs include the fire axe for rescue work and an ice axe for climbing.

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