Alexandra Ashikagi

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Admiral Ashikagi is that rare individual, a non-noble who achieved high rank in the Imperial Navy.


Homeworld: Ursa Minor/Lode (Zarushagaar 2610), Born 171-1070.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

She attended the Naval Academy at Depot/Epshu (Zarushagaar ) and graduated third in her class. (Depot's Academy is considered a technically better school than the Academy at Liasdi). Exhibiting both a natural talent for leadership and a strong loyalty to the Imperium, Ashikagi became one of the Imperium's top fighting admirals.

Ashikagi was promoted to Sector Admiral in 1116, a post she held for only six months before she sided with the Third Imperium, taking the 278th Fleet with her. (The 278th was her last command and remained intensly loyal to her and her to it). The Admiral proved herself in combat time and again, but was constantly frustrated by Lucan's lack of leadership ability.

She eventually came to command a taskforce which managed to capture first Liasdi and then the capital of Ibaru, Kaas. (The closest point the Vengeance Fleet came to Ilelish).

Instead of capitalizing on her gains, the Admiral was ordered to hold in place. By 1120, Ashikagi had had enough of Lucan. She deserted the Vengeance Fleet and took the 278th to find a new home in the Independent Duchy of Oasis.

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