21 Plots

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21 Plots
21 Plots.png
Author John Watts
Publisher Gypsy Knights Games
Version Cepheus Engine
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 25
Year Published 2012
Available from DriveThru RPG


21 Plots is a Traveller RPG book providing the owner with 21 situations (plot hooks) with 6 possible outcomes to use in a Traveller campaign.


Using a familiar format for Traveller players, 21 Plots presents 21 situations with 6 possible outcomes for the Referee to use with a gaming group.

These can be useful not only when planning a short diversion from the main campaign, but also on those occasions where the players stray from the anticipated path.

The main intention of this book is to provide an extra spark to the Referee's imagination.


Author: Larry Guffey, Tony Hicks, John Watts & Wendy Watts
Artist: Dave Ross

Table of Contents[edit]