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Major 16-Alpha-M Autora-Green, aka U790JU95RNFVAQH3-AUTORA-8/16


Designed and created in the high-tech waterworld of Miir (Dagudashaag 1534), Sophont Unit U790JU95RNFVAQH3-AUTORA-8/16 spent the first 14 years of his life in strenuous physical training regimes and limited intellectual training: reading and writing up to a complete primary education, with a focus on military applications, and arithmetic (up to algebra) with a stress on military logistics. Recitation, memorization, discipline, and unreflective obedience was the primary focus of mental education- spiritual and cultural training was grounded solely in loyalty to the Imperial Throne, and the requirements of the Imperial Army as an arm of the Emperor. A decent survey of ground-based military history was provided, with a focus on notable post-Imperial Civil War operations across Charted Space.

As per design specs at the time, U790JU95RNFVAQH3-AUTORA-8/16’s aggressiveness is only tied to violence, not to sex: inborn sexual preferences were restructured to both tie his entire focus to bring pain and death to the enemy, and to protect comrades-in-arms from unexpected violence. Naturally, the Major only feels truly alive and invigorated on the battlefield, and longs to be at the Solomani warzones, not in the backwater of all Imperial backwaters.

The man memorized his unique alphanum code as his formal name, but would only use it in his training cadre back on Miir. The Imperial Army uses a different alphanum code for a unique, DNA-tied identifier, but the man was encouraged to choose a more human-readable name as a spoken identifier for standard use.


In the 990-993 period, then-Captain 5-Alpha-M Autora-Yellow initially led Commando Group 10 to neutralize high-priority Solomani paramilitary cells within the Empty Quarter, with great success. Then, his work as shifted to cadre work, training up the noble household forces that make up the bulk of remaining high-tech ground forces within the Imperial Empty Quarter. The captain’s solid success here lead to the proudest moment of his short life – not the Imperial awards and commendations (though they are appreciated) but the shift of his reproductive status from Yellow to Green, permitting his genes to be used as source material for future Miir-bred soldiers.

As Sophont Unit U790JU95RNFVAQH3-AUTORA-8/16 was bred sterile, reproduction by artificial means is the only way he can hope to breed. The man has no sex drive (in contrast to a ferocious appetite for violence), so women are nothing but whiny, weak, somewhat ineffective near-aliens to his mind85- but his ego is stroked by knowing that his genes are valued by the scientific guardians of his race, and will be used into the indefinite future for new soldiers that will bring even greater glory to the Imperium.

Note that this bred soldier has no natural protective instincts regarding women or children: “A threat’s a threat, period. And if something doesn’t concern my unit or my mission, then it’s someone else’s problem, period.” He does have a tight blood-brother bond with the other men of his unit, though, and has had respect for higher authority drilled into his skull for a very long time now.

Due to his nature, Captain Autora-Green has no sympathy for those outside of his unit- but he does have… well, a natural understanding of how the locals think and act. His observational abilities and a here-and-now engagement with the sophonts around him allow him to improve his interaction with his students, despite the general reliance on local, flesh-and-blood translators.

(Autora-Green knows that his authoritarian Core accent is repulsive to many within the Quarter, but doesn’t want to be seen to be dependent on a machine to communicate to the troops. Fortunately, using a living sophont as a translator adds to a foreigner’s prestige in the Six Subsectors…)

Promotion to the Contact Group[edit]

With his new duties, the new Major 16-Alpha-M Autora-Green now must work with militia leaders, householder troops, and planetary armies throughout Gimushi subsector. There are various goals involved here, primarily to protect starports and major cities from pirate raiders, but to also improve interoperability and information exchanges on threat patterns across the subsector. Perhaps half the time, the major gets to be near or at the action, sometimes taking command himself, but usually letting the more experienced officers make the plans, restricting himself to choosing the most suitable plan.

Having to deal with the demands and requests of the colonial forces is still difficult for Major Autora-Green. However, he has decided that he “would rather work with the lions of Gimushi than the slaves of Argi.” Over the months, he has slowly pulled back on actually organizing and linking together these very disparate soldiery, and pushing forward to what he loves best: leading companies into firefights and assaults, setting up ambushes, planting ship-busting explosives during boarding actions, and leading recon teams in the desert. The various colonial officers, who dislike Imperial supervision, are indirectly encouraging him to get more hands-on… and so necessarily spend less time in force observation, supervision, and monitoring.

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