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Date: -1,137 Imperial
Solomani: 3,383 A.D.
Vilani: 2,216 VI
Zhodani: 2,473.2
Aslan: 2,067
K'kree: 5,840
Hiver: -3,095
Previous and Following Years
-1200s -1150s
-1147 -1146 -1145 -1144 -1143 -1142 -1141 -1140 -1139 -1138
-1136 -1135 -1134 -1133 -1132 -1131 -1130 -1129 -1128 -1127
-1140s -1100s
See also: Date Conversion

Darrian explorers are actively surveying and colonizing their subsector. During the Long Night a Terran (Solomani) expedition had landed on the Darrians' homeworld and shared certain technologies; the Darrians quickly progressed from about TL-3 to roughly TL-9 within a few centuries, then proceeded to build their own starships and investigate their local region of the Spinward Marches Sector.

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