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[[File: Wiki Navy.png|right]]
[[File: Wiki Navy.png|right]]
[[Zhevra Cannagrrh]] is a novelty of personage known in [[Gvurrdon Sector]] and the [[Regency]] before, during and after [[1200]] Imperial Calendar.
[[Zhevra Cannagrrh]] is a novelty of personage known in [[Gvurrdon Sector]] and the [[Regency]] before, during and after [[1200]] Imperial Calendar.
* She is a [[Vargr]].
* She is a [[Suedzuk Vargr]].
== Description ([[Biography]]) ==
== Description ([[Biography]]) ==

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Zhevra Cannagrrh is a novelty of personage known in Gvurrdon Sector and the Regency before, during and after 1200 Imperial Calendar.

Description (Biography)

Zhevra Cannagrrh: Dossier on an Enclaves Suedzuk: Zhevra Cannagrrh was born 301-1153 a female, Suedzuk Vargr (VAR-AYD) in Vougth City, Llotree / Uztsaadzuelleng (Ktiin’gzat 0839) A210AA7-G Hi In Na / Ht Corsair VaEf 502 M3 V in the Enclave Famuurueroergoghz.

Image Repository

Lock and Load bBG.jpg

Universal Personality Profile (UPP)

  • UWP: 7BA565-XX (As a Vargr, Zhevra uses C6 Charisma.)
  • Genetic Profile: 4632XX
  • Final UWP: 7CB687-XX
  • Education:
  • ED5 raised her Education to 5
  • Trade School accepted to study Jump Drives
  • Naval Service Academy (Waivered acceptance) to Major in Jump Drives and Minor in Maneuver Drives, graduated with BA, Education 8, and Naval OTC Officer 1
  • Naval OTC volunteer, accepted automatically, to study Power Systems
  • Required two Naval Spacer Terms:
    • Term 1 – Officer Line Branch, Siege Assignment to learn Astrogator, Comms, Admin, +1 Intelligence, +1 Charisma, Rewarded with Exemplary Service Medal and promoted to Officer 2
    • Term 2 – Officer Line Branch, Patrol Assignment to learn Life Support Systems, Sensors, +1 Endurance, +1 Dexterity, Rewarded Exemplary Service Medal but scandal forced Muster Out
  • Muster Out: +1 Charisma and Star Pass (used in 1184 through 1185)
  • Skills: Admin-1, Anglic-10, Astrogator-1, Comms-1, Electronics-1, Gvegh-9 (post-Career), Jump Drives-5, Life Support-1, Maneuver Drives-2, Pilot (ACS)-1 (post-Career), Power Systems-1, Slug Thrower-1 (post-Career), Streetwise-1, Suedzuk-12

Age 31

  • Suedzuk Awareness: A18-3 (Mod +2 for Suedzuk Special Ability)

History & Background (Dossier)

Oft-named "Blood Vargr" or "Red Vargr", Zhevra has been forced to live down her Vargr ethnic history concerning the hatred for Suedzuk following the infamous Sack of Gashikan. Through immense patience and educating those around her, Zhevra has slowly reversed these attitudes for the Suedzuk.

After scandal following her second Naval OTC term required to pay for her Naval Service Academy tuition, Zhevra (original Pack name undisclosed) departed the Wilds in a dangerous trek spinward using her Star Pass to cross the length of the Vargr Extents and seek Quarantine haven from Virus ravaging all of the Vargr Extents and Vargr Enclaves.

1477007999.echthroi jump tuning.jpg

Her liner captured and seized by Wilds Logaksu Corsairs in 1185, Zhevra was enslaved as a Concubine but never received training as one before she was purchased by her future husband Senior Scout Gevaudan Cannagrrh during his Vargrtarian relocation project to bypass immigration laws of his home polity of Dzen Aeng Kho (tr: Society of Equals) in Gvurrdon Sector, spinward of the Quarantine Line there.

Gevaudan Portrait.jpg

Senior Scout Gevaudan Cannagrrh

The remainder of her adventures is told in file Zhevra’s Dance.


Pack Cannagrrh

Turning down an opportunity to ascend as the Cannagrrh Pack Alpha, Zhevra Cannagrrh, (Gevaudan Cannagrrh's fourth mate-wife) bore him two cubs late in his life. Upon Gevaudan's death one year after his elder sister Dame Qithka Cannagrrh, Zhevra married Gevaudan's cousin Knirr Cannagrrh who rose to Pack Alpha at Gevaudan's deathbed decree.

1481073508.echthroi knirr s formal dress.jpg Zhevra & Knirr Cannagrrh c.jpg

Knirr Cannagrrh

Personage Timeline

No information yet available.

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