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(Handy Templates & Research)
(Handy Templates & Research)
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=== Handy Templates & Research ===
=== Handy Templates & Research ===
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates1]] (Basic AAB article, Advanced World-1, Advanced World-2, etc.)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates1]] (Basic AAB article, Advanced World-1, Advanced World-2, etc.)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates2]] (Aslan Clan, Astrographic Feature, Megacorp/corp, & personage)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates2]] (Aslan Clan, Megacorp/corp & Personage)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates3]] (Goods, duchy, language, polity, etc.)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates3]] (Goods, duchy, language, polity, etc.)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates4]] (Experimental research)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates4]] (Experimental research)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates5]] (Star, Astrography, Planetology, etc.)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates5]] (Astrographic Feature, Star, Astrography, Planetology, etc.)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates6]] (Sector, subsector, Subsector numerical table, etc.)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates6]] (Sector, subsector, Subsector numerical table, etc.)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates7]] (Military, Fleet, etc.)
* [[Maksim-Smelchak/layout templates7]] (Military, Fleet, etc.)

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Maksim-Smelchak (Author) Title

Maksim-Smelchak (Author) Biography

Maksim-Smelchak is a long-time Traveller player, fan, and playtester. Maksim very much enjoys the Traveller universe and has a large collection of 6mm sci-fi game miniatures including a number of Traveller forces, which he uses to play a variety of sci-fi mini games including Dirtside II.

  • While Maksim served in the US Air Force, an old friend gave him a cache of LBB's (Little Black Books). Maksim spent many a C-130 and C-5 transport plane ride pouring through LBB's in-between missions. Maksim currently lives in Northern California in the United States, and is a frequent enjoyer of all kinds of gaming goodness: RPG's (role-playing games), board games, miniature games, etc.
  • In the past, Maksim has contributed to a variety of gaming products as an author, playtester, magazine article writer, proofreader, illustrator, product reviewer, small press publisher, and in a variety of other roles.
  • He has previously contributed material to the Traveller RPG Wiki including creating new material, spellchecking, proofreading, Wiki code corrections, word-smithing, and other additions.

Handy Templates & Research

Handy Links



Star (Stellar) Links:

Sector Layout Data Links

  1. Afawahisa Sector/layout data
  2. Aktifao Sector/layout data
  3. Aldebaran Sector/layout data
  4. Alpha Crucis Sector/layout data
  5. Amderstun Sector/layout data
  6. Amdukan Sector/layout data
  7. Angfutsag Sector/layout data
  8. Anniversary Sector/layout data
  9. Antares Sector/layout data
  10. Arzul Sector/layout data
  11. Avereguar Sector/layout data
  12. The Beyond Sector/layout data
  13. Blaskon Sector/layout data
  14. Canopus Sector/layout data
  15. Centrax Sector/layout data
  16. Core Sector/layout data
  17. Corridor Sector/layout data
  18. Crucis Margin Sector/layout data
  19. Dagudashaag Sector/layout data
  20. Daibei Sector/layout data
  21. Dark Nebula Sector/layout data
  22. Delphi Sector/layout data
  23. Deneb Sector/layout data
  24. Diaspora Sector/layout data
  25. Drakken Sector/layout data
  26. Ealiyasiyw Sector/layout data
  27. Empty Quarter Sector/layout data
  28. Etakhasoa Sector/layout data
  29. Extolian Sector/layout data
  30. Far Frontiers Sector/layout data
  31. Folgore Sector/layout data
  32. Foreven Sector/layout data
  33. Fornast Sector/layout data
  34. Gashikan Sector/layout data
  35. Gateway Sector/layout data
  36. Gh!hken Sector/layout data
  37. Glimmerdrift Reaches Sector/layout data
  38. Gn'hk'r Sector/layout data
  39. Gushemege Sector/layout data
  40. Gvurrdon Sector/layout data
  41. Gzaefueg Sector/layout data
  42. Hadji Sector/layout data
  43. Hanstone Sector/layout data
  44. Hinterworlds Sector/layout data
  45. Hlakhoi Sector/layout data
  46. Ilelish Sector/layout data
  47. Iwahfuah Sector/layout data
  48. Kaa G!'kul Sector/layout data
  49. Karleaya Sector/layout data
  50. Kidunal Sector/layout data
  51. Knoellighz Sector/layout data
  52. K'trekreer Sector/layout data
  53. Langere Sector/layout data
  54. Leonidae Sector/layout data
  55. Ley Sector/layout data
  56. Lishun Sector/layout data
  57. Lorspane Sector/layout data
  58. Magyar Sector/layout data
  59. Malorn Sector/layout data
  60. Massilia Sector/layout data
  61. Mendan Sector/layout data
  62. Meshan Sector/layout data
  63. Morning Star Sector/layout data
  64. Neworld Sector/layout data
  65. Ngathksirz Sector/layout data
  66. Nooq Sector/layout data
  67. Old Expanses Sector/layout data
  68. Phlask Sector/layout data
  69. Porlock Sector/layout data
  70. Precipice Sector/layout data
  71. Provence Sector/layout data
  72. Reaver's Deep Sector/layout data
  73. Reft Sector/layout data
  74. Ricenden Sector/layout data
  75. Riftspan Reaches Sector/layout data
  76. Ruupiin Sector/layout data
  77. Solomani Rim Sector/layout data
  78. Spica Sector/layout data
  79. Spinward Marches Sector/layout data
  80. Staihaia'yo Sector/layout data
  81. Star's End Sector/layout data
  82. Stiatlchepr Sector/layout data
  83. Theta Borealis Sector/layout data
  84. Touchstone Sector/layout data
  85. Trojan Reach Sector/layout data
  86. Tuglikki Sector/layout data
  87. Uistilrao Sector/layout data
  88. Ustral Quadrant Sector/layout data
  89. Vanguard Reaches Sector/layout data
  90. Verge Sector/layout data
  91. Vland Sector/layout data
  92. Windhorn Sector/layout data
  93. Wrenton Sector/layout data
  94. Yiklerzdanzh Sector/layout data
  95. Zarushagar Sector/layout data
  96. Zhodane Sector/layout data
  97. Ziafrplians Sector/layout data


  1. OLD DATA Crucis Margin (Judges Guild)/layout data

Maksim-Smelchak (Author) Additional Data

This user prefers Classic Traveller.

This user prefers MegaTraveller.

This user prefers GURPS Traveller.

This user prefers Marc Miller's Traveller (T4).

This user is a Hiver.

This user is a member of the Hive Federation.

. .

Maksim-Smelchak (Author) 2015-17 Completed & Uncompleted Goals

Some of Maksim's current goals in 2015-2017 were:

Maksim-Smelchak (Author) 2018 Completed & Uncompleted Goals

2018 Wiki Year

January 2018

  1. Canopus Sector updates
  2. CT & T4 product page updates
  3. Domain updates
  4. Twilight's Peak (book) Book mapping
  5. Smallcraft updates
  6. Vehicle updates
  7. Equipment / goods updates
  8. Firearms updates
  9. Periodicals updates
  10. Sophont updates
  11. Infobox updates
  12. Darkhstarr updates
  13. Ironmongery / smallarms updates (discussed explicitly with MWM)
  14. TL page updates
  15. JTAS updates
  16. Canon statement updates
  17. Sunbane / T5 Second Survey research
  18. Dagudashaag Sector updates
  19. Book mapping of CT Book 1

February 2018

  • Starship
  • Added tons of ship classes with red entries until we can get them in.
  • Updated many periodicals
    • Updated Signal GK periodicals
    • Updated Security Leak periodicals
    • Updated Trav Digest periodicals
    • Updated Jumpspace periodicals
    • Updated Challenge periodicals
    • Updated MT Journals
    • Updated Third Imperium Journals
    • Updated Paragon video games
    • Updated many entries for MT-era publications
  • Added basic weapon classes after discussion with MWM
  • Updated many FFE publications
  • Updated many FASA publications
  • Assisted Steve in astrographic project to identify and name clusters, traces, and mains Forum:Mains and Clusters
  • Updated Vilani military articles:
  • Massive review of GT Interstellar Wars. Began book mapping it.
  • Updated many army / fleet / military articles
    • Wayne then updated many rank and grade tables
  • Canopus Sector updates
  1. Book mapping of CT Book 1
  2. Book mapping of CT Book 2
  3. Book mapping of CT Book 3
  4. Book mapping of CT Book 5

March 2018

  1. Book mapping of CT Book 1
  2. Book mapping of CT Book 3
  3. Book mapping of CT Book 4
  4. Worked on updating corporation articles
  5. Worked on legacy CT products from JG, PP, etc.
  6. Did updates for Langere Sector
  7. Worked on Ustral Quadrant Sector
  8. Updated High Passage magazine. Still need some issues to verify
  9. Ventured in Hiver space, worked on Drakken Sector. Prepped future work there
  10. Concentrated on Type (Letter) class ships
  11. Updated many T20 and GT publications
  12. Updated BITS and 101 articles. Failed to get ahold of them.
  13. Experienced KAG and hegemony predilections.
  14. Worked on Infobox weapon
  15. Worked on TNE publications
  16. Worked on Meshan Saga periodicals

April 2018

  1. Book mapping of CT Book 1
  2. Book mapping of CT Book 3
  3. Atmosphere article facelift
  4. Massive expansion of atmosphere type pages (1 per each code)
  5. Worked on Langere Sector
  6. Updated High Passage periodicals
  7. Updated Far Traveller periodicals
  8. Worked on Atmosphere
  9. Worked with Adie. He created Fringian Variant System Description
  10. Updated UWP
  11. Book mapped Adventure 1. Updated Vanejen (world)
  12. Worked on Imperial Encyclopedia
  13. Created Library Data
  14. Worked on Storr Sector
  15. Started book mapping Adventure 2 RSG
  16. Worked on SORAG
  17. Worked on FASA publications
  18. Worked on Scouts & Assassins
  19. Worked with Adie to update the Distant Fringe

May 2018

  1. T5 Core Rules book mapping
  2. Book mapping of CT Book 1
  3. Book mapping of CT Book 2
  4. Book mapping of CT Book 3
  5. Book mapping of CT Book 4
  6. Book mapping of CT Book 5
  7. Atmosphere article facelift
    1. Massive expansion of atmosphere type pages (1 per each code)
  8. Worked on ship types
    1. Discussed with TJL. Didn't get much of anywhere. Pressed ahead.
    2. Worked on ship types and supraclasses (mission roles: e.g. carrier, battleship, etc.)
  9. Worked on personal armor
  10. Worked on melee wepaons
  11. Worked on firearms from book 1
  12. Updated many smallcraft
  13. Worked on book mapping paragon video games
  14. Worked on Dark Nebula Sector
  15. Updated many sophonts and creatures
  16. Spoke with MGT Publishing
  17. Updated many GURPs products
  18. Started working on vehicle articles
  19. Dealt with crawling treifah TL
  20. Spoke with Zozer Games and Paul...
  21. Updated drug articles
  22. Worked with Adie to update the Distant Fringe

June 2018

  1. T5 Core Rules book mapping
  2. Book mapping of CT Book 4
  3. Book mapping of CT Book 5
  4. Book mapping of CT Book 6
  5. Book mapping (sic) of paragon video games
  6. Worked on Dark Nebula Sector
  7. Massive updating of ship articles
  8. Illustrations for Book 1 firearms and melee weapons
  9. Updated a number of astrographic map articles:
    1. Legacy Astrographic Data
    2. Sunbane
    3. T5 Second Survey
      1. Josh and TJL assisted. Others as well.
  10. Steve updated plurals and apostrophes including the rules policy. Discussed it with him and TJL.
  11. Started setting down fleet entries
  12. Updated core smallcraft entries including illustrations
  13. Worked with Pakk to update Gzaefueg Sector
  14. Worked with Adie to update the Distant Fringe

July 2018

  • Updated ship entries
  • Updated many sophont entries
  • Helped Pakkrat detail Vargr Extents
  • Worked with Steve updating trade routes
  • Updated Corsair entries
  • Worked on core ship entries including illustrations
  • Updated Aslan Clan entries
  • Worked on Ship Classification. Conferred with grognards and Inner Circle
  • Worked with Adie to update the Distant Fringe

August 2018

September 2018

  • Updated more ship entries (...all SDB now done)
  • Updated several vehicle entries including Quanah class Fighter
  • Worked with User:Ensign Phillips to help update trade routes, clusters, traces, mains, etc.
  • Book mapping of CT Supp 9 Fighting Ships
  • Adding illustrations from Supp-9 to ship entries. Been updating those entries as well.
  • Updating Reaver's Deep worlds as trade routes are detailed.

October 2018

November 2018

December 2018

  • An unpublished factoid written by Anonymous