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Ungkhou/Irrarrdhang (Knoellighz 1029)
Milieu 1116
StarportC Routine: No Construction, Major Repair, Unrefined fuel
Size2 Small (3,200 km, 0.10g - 0.17g)
Atmosphere0 Vacuum
Hydrographics1 Dry World 10%
Population1 Low (10)
Government2 Participating Democracy
Law0 No Law
Tech Level8 Pre-Stellar (superconductors)
See also UWP
Jump map from Travellermap.com [1]
System Details
Primary M5 V D
Worlds 8
Gas Giants 1
Planetoid Belts 0
Cultural Details
Government Participating democracy
Law Level No law
Cultural Extension 11AC
Army Size (BEs) 0
Economic Details
Technology Level 8
Economic Extension
Labor0Barren (1)
Infrastructure5 Limited
Importance Extension -2
Resource Units 1
GWP (BCr) 0
World Trade Number 1.5
Trade Volume (MCr/year) 0
Starport Details
Classification Class-C
Port Size 0
Building Capacity (Tons) 0
Port employees 0
Port passengers (annual) 0

Ungkhou is an icy vacuum world with little or no atmosphere and a significant quantity of water frozen on the surface. The system supports a population of fewer than 10,000 sophonts. This is a cold world with an overall climate is at the lower temperature range of human-congruous sophont endurance. It is a Vargr dominated Non-Aligned world in the Irrarrdhang Subsector of Knoellighz Sector.


Ungkhou is a Cold, Ice-capped, Vacuum world with only nickel-iron deposits confirmed in its crust. The C-rated Downport has been built with the scraped-together profits of the only mining operation on the mainworld. This independent company has no backing or underwriting from the Infinity League, the Ascendancy Pact or the Zhodani Consulate.

History and Background

In 1099 and under the inaccurate rumor of the presence of both lanthanum and potential deposits of natural zuchai crystals, Ungkhou was invaded by the Ascendancy Pact Navy and Marines. They took the mines and surface operations buildings easily. Believing rumors that the Pact was making a final move to cordon the Infinity League from the rest of Knoellighz Sector, the gears of war shifted from the Quiet Wars to full-scale mobilization. The Infinity League sieged both the orbiting fleet and the hastily-erected fortifications on the surface of the Cold, Ice-capped, Vacuum world.

Even with the aid of their Zhodani Consulate allies, the Infinity League's single fleet was unable to break the blockade and push the Ascendancy Pact fleet off the mainworld. The Battle of Ungkhou lasted for more than two weeks as more assets jumped into the system to back their sides. Naval ships of all sizes fought for control of both the only Gas Giant in the system and the mainworld. No other planet in Ungkhou system was colonized or fought over. As both sides were fighting over the false rumors of local resources, the space lanes Coreward and were escalated from the usual Quiet Wars.

It was not until the supply lines from the Naval Bases at Thueknorrurr and Ukhunllor (Knoellighz 1127 and 1128 respectively) were severed by the actions of the Posthumous,(see Tsouu (world) for details), Privateers given Letter of Marque from the Infinity League. Without reinforcements from the other fleets of the Pact, the local assets were forced to retreat back instead to Dougfoekoeng (Knoellighz 1228). The Battle of Ungkhou was however quite plainly seen as a draw as the Infinity Leauge no longer had the capability of holding the world they sieged.

Vargr Emissaries from both sides in time confirmed that Ungkhou indeed had but nickel-iron in its crust, that the rumored lanthanum and zuchai crystal deposits were false. Veterans of the Battle on both sides staged the largest, mustering out en masse in the history of Knoellighz Sector. Only the Envoys from the Zhodani Consulate were able to secure a return to the status quo of the Quiet Wars. Even they were hard pressed to use their psionics to soothe the emotions of those Vargr Emissaries at the negotiating table. This was another brick in the Crystal Wall of Knoellighz, the distrust of the Ascendancy Pact and other polities against Zhodani psionics seen as tainting the Gvegh Vargr of the Infinity League. Infighting duels were prevented that day between the Pact Emissaries and the League Emissaries.

Today, in 1105, Ungkhou is held by only a single, independent mining operation slowly extracting nickel-iron. The world has become a sore spot in Knoellighz, untouched by all, including the Zhodani Consulate.

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