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Traveller Universe is a software aid for for Traveller written and supported by Peter Trevor. The aim was to take the best features of Galactic atlas program and the Heaven & Earth system generator ... and then extend it further. A secondary objective is to provide a standard data platform onto which later projects can be built. (By using database technology these later projects can be programs or spreadsheets.)

Currently the Universe GUI runs on Win9x/NT. In theory any SQL-compliant database technology can be used. In practice the database works with InterBase 6.0 and Firebird 1.0 open source RDBMS technologies on Win9x/NT and Linux via ODBC. (Ports to other technologies are planned but Traveller Universe will not work with MS Access97, or mySQL.)

Traveller Universe is an official BITS product and is available worldwide from their eBay shop Ancient Tomes.

External Links[edit]

Traveller Universe Home Page

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