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Links to publishers of Traveller products and sites with information that will help Traveller games.


Primary Publisher

Secondary Publishers

Defunct Sites

Digital Games

Fan Sites

Map & Astrography Sites

Online Discussion Forums

Patreon pages

Individuals asking for monthly donations to support their ongoing Traveller works:

Portal Sites

Social Media Pages


Traveller Videos

  • [1] - Nick Nova, Star Traveller (Traveller RPG tips and topics)
  • [2] - videos about and for Taveller

Non-Traveller Resources

These are sites that do not relate to Traveller per se, but contain information or resources useful for any version of Traveller.

Astronomy Sites

  • Stellar Habitability Zone - Calculation for star habitability zone and tidal locking, based upon star initial mass and as shown over time.

Game Sites

References & Contributors (Sources)

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