Tenjada Moralitate

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The Tenjada Moralitate is a pocket empire located in Tenjada Subsector of the Theta Borealis Sector.

Astronavigational Codes

No information yet available.

Description (Specifications)

A collection of eleven worlds seeking to secure their freedoms and culture while keeping the larger universe at bay.


They desire above all else to maintain the purity of their culture and faith. To be free to pursue their own dreams and visions unfettered by the corruptive influences of other more ethically challenged societies.


No information yet available.

History & Background (Dossier)

Transported and transplanted to this region of space in the distant past, their legends tell that they are lone survivors of some great cataclysm that claimed all other civilizations beyond this sector of space. They refuse to acknowledge other contemporary star faring civilizations from other sectors of the galaxy.

Demographics: 1116

Significant populations of the following sophont races reside within this polity:

Major Historical Events Timeline: 1116

These are some of the more important historical events that have affected this polity:

  • No information yet available.

History-Era: Mileu 1100

No information yet available.

Government & Politics (Leadership)

The Moralitate is ruled by a council of seers and holy ones imbued with prophetic powers and vast knowledge from their genetic memory. Normal citizens are subject to their findings, teachings and edicts. Their word is absolute law. They anoint loyal followers to go forth and carry out their will. Their military is derived from a branch of holy warriors. These clergy are called by faith to champion the cause and destroy those who would disrupt the holy will.

Interstellar Relations

They tend to be extreme isolationists and xenophobes. Rumors persist of an unholy caste of excommunicated, disavowed ones, left bereft of the illumination of faith. The unholy maybe involved in covert smuggling and importing trade items. How this would be possible under the watchful gaze of the cleric overseers is a mystery.

Internal Politics

Each world has a strong core of faithful who move from satrap to satrap, ensuring the purity and loyalty of the citizens. They collect the tithe, to ensure the offetory can afford to manufacture ships and field armies of faithful, holy warriors.

Government Structure

Government types vary from world to world.

1. Executive Branch

No information yet available.

2. Legislative Branch

No information yet available.

3. Judicial Branch

No information yet available.

Technology & Trade (Economy)

Planets in the Tenjada Moralitate range from TL–5 to TL–12.

Interstellar Commerce

The following businesses operate out of or in this polity:

  • Royal charters are granted to viceroys who control fleets that defend each planet. The planets are officially limited to trade with only other members of the Tenjada Moralitate. The ten holy books of scripture, or jada in the holy tongue have extensive rules for the disposition of possessions, family members, livestock, land, and crafts. All interplanetary trade is closely monitored by annointed members of the faithful. It is uncertain where the unholy vessels operate and how they avoid the vision of teh holy seers. A few classes of merchant vessels are common within the borders of the Moralitate.

Research & Technology

No information yet available.

Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)

The capital of the Tenjada Moralitate is Tenjada (Theta Borealis 2904 A4629BD-C).

Ground Forces

Home Defense Royal Army Garrisons

  • Melham Security Battalion TL–8
  • (12 Battalions) in the Kapalon Army Brigade TL–11
  • (2,000 Battalions) in four Cabon Field Armies TL–8

Naval Forces

They build a class of royal Ronix Class Asteroid Patrol Boats. The Tenjada Naval Forces (TNF) has a single battle fleet headquartered here beyond the system defense squadrons assigned to the following worlds.

Special Forces

Holy Warpriests

  • (30 Battalions) on there is a Marine Assault Division and a Marine Cavalry Brigade

Devout Fanatics

  • (1 Battalion) Marine Battalion

Faithful Clerics

  • (200 Battalions)

Paramilitary Forces

No information yet available.

Intelligence Agencies

No information yet available.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)

This polity is primarily located in the following areas:

World Listing: 1116

The following systems and worlds can be found within this polity:

11 of 11 World articles in Tenjada Moralitate
Cosada  •  Durgak  •  Holdemar  •  Juro  •  Lospar  •  Mara Khan  •  Mux  •  Oswold  •  Pukushik  •  Tenjada  •  Valishad  •  
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Astrographic Features & Trade Routes: 1116

The following astrographic features and trade routes can be found within this polity:

Greater Mains (Blue & Cyan Lines: 51+ destinations)

  • No information yet available.

Lesser Mains (Green & Yellow Lines: 11-50 destinations)

  • No information yet available.

Micro Mains (Red & Pink Lines: 0-10 destinations)

  • No information yet available.

Rifts, Voids & Jump Bridges

  • No information yet available.

Traces & Clusters

  • No information yet available.

Other Astrographic Features

  • No information yet available.

References & Background (Sources)

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