Starship Operator's Manual

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Starship Operator's Manual
StarshipOperatorsManual 350px.jpg
The lanthanum grid in the starship's hull lights up only seconds before a Free Trader goes into jump.
Publisher Digest Group Publications
Version MegaTraveller
Author Rob Caswell, William W. Connors, Joe Fugate & Gary L. Thomas,
Format Paperback
Canonical Yes
Edition 1st
Year Published 1988
Pages 66
Product no. 872

The Starship Operator's Manual is a Traveller RPG book, providing background (story) material and detailing what it might be like to operate a starship in the Traveller RPG universe. These kinds of details can really help players to get in the right mood for a Traveller RPG adventure campaign.


Whether you're stationed on a merchant ship, a Navy cruiser, or a corsair ...

Whether you're a captain, an engineer, a pilot, a broker, or just a hand who swabs the deck ...

Whether you want to travel from world to world, start up a maneuver drive, or scoop fuel from a gas giant...

... You need to read the Starship Operator's Manual Vol. 1.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about starship operations.

Contents include -

  • Systems: How things work, including details of jump drive, manoeuvre drive, power plant, sensors, transponder, flight controls, computer, weapons, hull, and cargo hold.
  • Procedures: Step-by-step instructions on navigating a course, going into jumpspace, starting up a power plant, getting more "oomph" from a manoeuvre drive, and lots more.
  • Crew Duties: Over 20 positions described, telling who does what and why.
  • "the Old Timer": expert advice on Starship operation from an "old time" merchant captain.
  • Deck plans: All-new deck plans for the Free Trader class starship, along with interior views of the ship.
  • Index: A complete catalog of the contents.

History & Background

The Starship Operator's Manual is a fan favorite and a very well-developed piece of speculative fiction, detailing what it might be like to operate a starship in the Traveller RPG universe.

Since the legal ownership of DGP is still in question or unavailable, FFE and Marc Miller have not been able to gain ownership or licenses over this product so it can be difficult to find and sometimes reaches artificially high prices on auction sites.


Design & Development
Rob Caswell, William W. Connors, Joe D. Fugate Sr. and Gary L. Thomas.
Additional Design
Tom Peters, David McCoy, Karl JM Martin, Mike Mikesh, Nancy Parker, Robert Parker, Ed Edwards and Bill Hezeltine.
Rob Caswell, Bryan Gibson, Joe D. Fugate Sr., Patty Fugate, William H. Keith, Jr., and Tom Peters.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Maneuver Drive 2
Flight Controls 5
Jump Drive 10
Power Plant and Fuel 15
Sensors, Communicators and Transponders 18
Main Computer and Security 23
Hull and Environment 27
Ship Tour (including viewpoint diagrams) 35
Cargo and Passengers 45
Weapons and Screens 50
Crew Duties 55
Game rules for Starship operations 59
Index 66