Slow Drug

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Slow Drug
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Cost Cr500
Size Various
Type Drugs
Tech Level TL–9
Weight 3.0 grams
Per dose
Slow Drug is named because it makes the universe (from the viewpoint of the user) appear to move more slowly.
  • This effect is achieved by accelerating the user's metabolism.
  • In effect, the user lives at a much faster rate, approximately twice as fast as normal. [1]
  • Some kinds of cyberware and augments can achieve the same effects.
  • Additionally, it is believed that some psionic talents can achieve the same.

Description (Specifications)

When taken, slow drug takes effect after about 45 seconds, and continuing to function for around an hour, give or take a number of minutes. At the end of its effect, the user receives physiological damage to the nervous system as part of the drug's effects. In addition, the user is extremely fatigued; he or she is treated as if utterly exhausted, and must recover from that fatigue. A person under the influence of slow drug, because he or she is living at twice the normal rate, is allowed nearly twice the reaction time available to normal individuals. The person can fire a weapon twice as quickly, or take twice as many melee actions, or move twice as far as normally. [2]

Medical Slow Drug

A medical slow drug is also available, being used to hasten recovery from wounds or illness. One dose causes unconsciousness, and the passage of thirty days equivalent time in one day. During this period, ordinary healing takes place. No wounds or physiological damage is received from the use of medical slow drug. Be certain to note the passage of time at the increased rate during period of drug use. [3]

Slow Antidote Drug

A slow antidote drug is designed to restore the body's normal metabolism and rate of metabolic function. For some individuals habitually taking such drugs, resistance builds and function declines often causing severe bodily stress. Extreme caution is recommended for those regular taking metabolic altering drugs.

History & Background (Dossier)

The Slow drug slows down the outside world allowing an individual to function at a much higher metabolic rate than normal. This also forces an individual to radically increase nutritional intake often forcing individuals to consume tens of thousands of calories or more within a single twenty-four hour period. Speeding up an individual’s metabolism and cognition can be very hard on the body and leave lasting physiological damage.

References & Contributors (Sources)

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