Shantou class Gunboat

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Shantou Class Gunboat
Type: PG Gunboat
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Cargo 0.35 Tons
Cost MCr 425.713
Qty: MCr 340.57
Crew 16 with 3 marines
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Hardpoints 4
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Jump J-2
Maneuver 5 G
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Origin Worlds of The Leader
Passengers 0 High/Med 2 Low
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Size 455 Tons
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Tech Level TL–11
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One in service


Designed and built at Urcor for the Worlds of The Leader. These ships operate within the Far Home Sector. The TL–11 hulls have jump 2 drives and carry enough internal fuel for two range 2 jumps, and carry drop tanks with 28 days of power plant fuel and an additional jump 2 as needed. This the current prototype for a new class to succeed the Sariwon Class Corvettes. This ships is currently undergoing trials on an extended shake down cruise with the Glorious Leader's Benevolent Patrol Squadron. The ship shares several design features with the slightly smaller corvette and is fitted with a model 5 fib computer adjacent to the bridge. The largest native build vessel in the fleet. Armament is a pair dual plasma gun turrets, firing as four batteries, and a pair of triple beam laser turrets firing as a single battery. They have a fully streamlined saucer structure hull equipped with fuel scoops and on board fuel purification for wilderness ocean refueling. The gunboat is built as an enlarged and improved version of its predecessor. They retain the tiny boarding part for customs inspections and bribery collecting shake downs. They are fast but the seven high energy weapons rob its agility.

Tonnage: 455 tons (standard), 6,370 cubic meters.
Crew: 2 officers, 14 ratings
Performance: Jump 2. 5G acceleration. Power plant-5. 22.75 EP. Agility 2.
Electronics: Model 5 fib computer.
Hardpoints/Armament: Two dual plasma gun turrets, and two triple beam laser turrets.
Defenses: Factor 1 armored hull.
Craft: None
Fuel Treatment: Fuel scoops with fuel purification plant
Cost: MCr 425.713 standard. MCr 340.57 in quantity.
Construction Time: 79 weeks standard. 63 weeks in quantity.
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