SS Serenity

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Session 1 6.16.17 Update "Can I put this game on my resume?"

Bax Stark Snow D96B93 G3, HP 28, Omegazon, Other (crusader-assassin), Terms 3, Age 23, Rank 2 Warrior, Ht 1.7m Wt: 64kg Hair Silver Eyes Green, Tan Skin, High Psg Steward-1, Gunnery-1, Navigation-1, Rifle-1, Broadsword-3, Tactics-1, Jack-O-T-2, Gambling-1, ATV-1, Vacc-1 (Snubbed by piratesx2), Broadsword, climbing gear, 500 km long range communicator, medium range communicator, 2 boxes of cookies, rifle w/40 rounds, fuzzy dice, (8) extra oxygen tanks, cutlass, vac suit, (1) use reentry kit, 10 tear and swear patches, 3 hull patches, fancy dress, cloth armor, SSL Bank Card Balance: 60,599 Cr.

+5 to hit w/sword, +2 to hit with rifle

Wish List: check cargo for bombs in the future, surveillance and security cameras and sensors have been mounted within the ship and cargo bay.

Ann Galaway

HP 23
Gender Female
Height: 1.7 m
Mass: 59kg
Hair: Redhead
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 27
The Kingdom
Skills: Bribery-1, Brawling-1, Interrogation-1, Liaison-2, Recruiting-1, Computer-2, Vac Suit-0

Equipment: Skinny Jeans, Knee High Boots, Blouse, Blazer, Formal Ball Gown, 0.5kg Hand Computer, 500km Long Range Communicator, Auto Pistol, 1 clip (15), Cloth Armor, filter/compressor gear

Bank Mega Union Balance: 80,682
1st term 14-18 Galactic Girl Guides

Bribery-1, Brawling-1

2nd term 18-22 Diplomatic Corps (Kingdom)

Rank 1 3rd secretary Interrogation-1, Liaison-1

3rd Term 22-26 Diplomat

Rank 2 2nd secretary Recruiting-1, Computer-1

1. High Passage
2. 10,000
3. 10,000
4. 10,000

BaronessTristan Thorn of OFF, MD

Service: G3, Noble
Rank: 2 Baroness
Terms: 1/3
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Height: 1.68m
Weight: 82kg
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Green
Skin: Tan
Homeworld: Home/OFF
Right Handed
HP 27
Attributes: Strength: 8 Dexterity: A Endurance: 9 Intelligence: B Education: C Social Standing: C
Skills: Medical-3, Jack-O-T-2, Admin-1, Liaison-1, Vac Suit-0
Benefits: Retirement 8,000/month
1. +1 INT
2. TAS
3. Yacht SS Serenity
4. 100,000
5. 50,000
Service Jacket:
1st Term 14-18 G3 Medic-1, Jack-O-T-1
2nd Term 18-22 Noble Rank 1 Knight, Liaison-1, +1 END, +1 SOC, Jack-O-T-1
3rd Term 22-26 Noble Admin-1
4th Term 26-30 Noble Medic-1
Equipment: 500 km Long Range Communicator 1.5kg, Medical Kit 10kg, Wallet with ID, Ship's Papers, Auto Pistol, 5 clips (15)(15)(15)(15)(15), Cloth Armor, Vac Suit, Formal Ball Gown, SDEIS Inc, LLC Balance: 67.98 MCr., Omni Vault bank card balance: 192,090


Age: 22 Ben Vac-1, Pilot-1, used to work for Baron Gabriel Ulysses Vondega M.D. on the SS Normandy. He was replaced by fellow Space Academy grad Jerry. They know about Baron Clive Owen Von Bistol, on Humbolt.
Age: 22 Wally Vac-1, Engineering-1
Age: 46 Lance Hendrickson rank 1, 1st lieutenant B98686 1.9m 90kg, grey/blue, 7 terms marine platoon commander, retired, 8,000/month retirement, USA 52,000 Credits, +1 cutlass, revolver-1, cutlass-1, air craft-1, atv-1, ships boat-1, vac suit-2, leader-1, TAC missile-1, electronics-1, mechanical-1

3 tons fuel, 634.7 hours 298.7 hours of life support Ship's Locker: (8) emergency vac suits, 1 rescue ball, mechanical, electronics, weaponry tool kits

SS Serenity Royal Yacht

Y-2401121-000000-10000-0  MCr. 52.26      200 Tons
Bearing          2                        Crew 5 (Pilot, Medic, Steward, Bosun/Boat Pilot, Engineer)
Batteries        2                        TL 7
Cargo: 64 ton main Passengers: 8 (14 Staterooms)   Fuel: 2 tons EP: 2 Agility: 0 
Craft: 1 x 10T ATV, 1 x 4T VTOL Air Craft, 1 x 30T Ship's Boat
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.523   Cost in Quantity: MCr 41.808
1 ton for fire control and one hard point, double turret with 2 pulse lasers
Software: Maneuver, Anti-Hijack, Target

Royal Boat

SB-0202211-000000-00001-0 MCr. 13.9   30 Tons
Bearing               2               Crew 3 (Boat Pilot, Medic, Steward)
Batteries             2               TL 7
Cargo: 1.1 tons Passengers: 1  (3 small staterooms) Fuel: 1 ton EP: 0.6 Agility: 2 
Craft: 1 x 10T ATV
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.139   Cost in Quantity: MCr 11.12
1 ton for fire control and one hard point, double turret with 2 missile launchers, 1 IR Homing Missile with an HE warhead

Software: Maneuver, Target, Launch Session 1 Notes

Their patron Tristam Shabie is a merchant on the run. He paid them 10,000 credits up front to protect him and help him get away from the people trying to kill him. The team picked up the yacht in orbit from the shipyards. An inspection/boarding party came aboard and then left. They took on a pair of high passengers and a middle passenger for Marstan. They took 60 tons of USA freight at a flat rate. They speculated on 2 tons of ammo. Then a bomb went off in the cargo bay, taking 10 tens of cargo with it. Eventually a USA sloop attacked and hit them 4 times with pulse lasers. They repaired the hull breaches and the damage power plant. They boarded and took the 60 ton sloop. They killed 11 USA marines, venting them to space. They subdued and nearly killed the pilot/gunner. They are holding him prisoner. He has yet to regain consciousness. He is being held in the forward airlock. They are off course for Marstan, due to evasion maneuvers. They have yet to salvage the sloop.

Session 2 6.23.17 Update"Sexism doesn't exist in space inc."

The wounded, unconscious captive is a covert operative from the US Navy special forces. Lt. Steve Bannon 888888 Age 22 Lieutenant JG, pilot-1, gunnery-1, vac-1, engineering-1. He won't join the team, he wants to escape or be ransomed back to the Navy, he has a reparation bond, he is worth 100,000 credits if returned alive. He could be interned with the Duke for hostage exchange. The Duke doesn't have repair capabilities. The Sloop, USA Camden Lock, was secretly captured by the US Navy from the GRU Ex-GRU Patriotic Pendent, an act of war, and NOT public knowledge. They were going to use it for covert ops, until you meddling kids. They can't really get upset about it if the OFF navy reflags it. The Duke might even sell it back to the GRU. Duke Ishicaro Tanaka may grant them permission to shelter within his duchy. If so he wants a favor, he wants the special sand investigated. They may elect to take a two year sabbatical to learn 2 skills or +2 stat bonus. If they enroll in the Duke's training academy it costs 70,000 tuition/person. They will need to incorporate, like SS Serenity Inc, LLC. The Duke might be persuaded to buy the sloop at a discounted price. If they unlock the secret of the sand (reflect, fib, sand casters), they can hire 1d6x100 people to start manufacturing. Will need a colony base, agro dome, mining center, and industrial center. Could become a barony, if issues with ASB and IR signals are addressed. They can get the ship and boat and vehicles equipped with weapons. They can hire the middle passenger, Lance Hendrickson rank 1, 1st lieutenant B98686 1.9m 90kg, grey/blue, 46 years, 7 terms marine platoon commander, retired, 8,000/month retirement, USA 52,000 Credits, +1 cutlass, revolver-1, cutlass-1, air craft-1, atv-1, ships boat-1, vac suit-2, leader-1, TAC missile-1, electronics-1, mechanical-1. The Duke can sell you the weapons and equipment, he can't install them. He would direct you to...the Barony of Granith, orbiting Manubalista, to see Baron Gabriel Ulysses Vondega M.D., with a letter of introduction from the Duke. The SS Normandy has been repaired, the Omegazon Scout Cruiser is missing. Actually, the Omegazons recaptured it and are heading for the outer system with it, they want a Rockman's Rutter to cross the shoals. The SS Thomas, with its crew is missing as well, there are rumors of the SAYM company operating around the moon colonies.

Sloop Covert Ops Vessel, USA Camden Lock, Ex-GRU Patriotic Pendent, formerly of the GRU inner system's Patrol Flotilla One


SL-0102522-000000-20000-0 	MCr. 56.65
Batteries Bearing: 1 (3 Pulse Lasers)	TL 7
Crew 12 (Pilot, 11 Marines) 6 small staterooms
Cargo: 10 tons   Fuel: 3 tons   EP: 3   Agility: 0   Marines: 11
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops  
Architects Fee: MCr 0.567   Cost in Quantity: MCr 45.32

They manage to rig a command/remote control to pilot the captured sloop into a stable Marstan orbit. They debate doing something about the transponder and IFF. When the "unknown" target approaches too close and fails to successfully enter a stable parking orbit, the group is intercepted by three OFF Delta Squadron fighters. The crew discovers that Lance would make a great addition to the crew and they offer him a job, salary has yet to be worked out. He is a retired marine and will not accept less than 1,000/month. The fighter lock them up for missile fire and eventually a cutter is dispatched from the surface. Once Sir Throne authenticates who she is, they change their tune. Galaway interrogates the prisoner, they learn of his bond, and persuade him to get access to the computer on the sloop. They are eventually permitted to land the boat at the spaceport, off load the two high passengers. They sell the 2 tons of ammo for a profit. They deliver 50 of the 60 ton allotment of US trade goods. They eventually reimburse the US for the lost 10 tons that exploded and tried to kill them. They buy fancy dresses and attend the gala ball held in their honor. They wake up the next morning in a penthouse at the TAS hotel and suspect they were drugged and their personal effects have been searched. They activate Lt JG Bannon's reparation bond and get paid for returning him to the US embassy on Marstan. Galaway gets an attache case with 100,000 credits, but they find Lance KO'd in the TAS hotel and Bannon is missing. Bax sells the dead US marines cutlasses, revolvers and jack armor. They are contacted by Dr. Desmond Miles, who works for Aspergo. He wants them to check out some weird sand near a volcano which should be extinct, yet yields strange IR readings. Sir Thorne incorporates, SDEIS Inc. LLC. They sell the sloop for a massive profit above list price, apparently the Duke wants to add this vessel to the Delta Squadron. The Duke is willing to sell them weapons for the Yacht but can't install them. They contemplate enrolling in the Duke's training academy for a 2 year sabbatical.

Session 3 6.27.17 "Don't be a weenie!"

The team begins to investigate what happened to Steve Bannon, they asked hotel employees about the break in, and learn that a four man covert ops team snuck into the hotel and blanked the cameras and the alarms. Bax got about 30 seconds of them approaching a rear loading dock before they hacked in and dropped the system. They spoke with Mr. Martin the night shift manager, and Ernie, the night desk clerk. They bribed them, and learned that the Duke might be behind the abduction. Their security detail was pulled abruptly. On the way to the boat, the team is attacked by a sniper team, camped out by the boat. Three are wounded, Ann, Wally and Mr. Shabie. They manage to kill the two operatives and loot their gear. The train station is covered in arterial spray, as is Bax. Lance, earned his keep, with near perfect accuracy with his revolver. They procure and load into the Yacht's cargo bay two double turrets, two missile launchers, and two pulse lasers. They have not purchased missiles as yet, and have to wait to have these weapons installed at a spaceport like Granith with better boat yard facilities.

Notes: NPC Arion a heroic white knight, Scout Age 34 4 Terms HP 20, UPP: 686777. Skills: Navigation-1, Pilot-3, Mechanical-1, Auto Pistol-1. Equipment: MU bank card 2,500 Cr., cloth armor, auto pistol, 10 clips, ceramic knife, long range com, TAS, CSS Dolphin Scout ship w/ a pulse laser, repair/com swarm (fist sized robotic spiders). Lives in the metropolis, rents an apartment near the port, just beyond the docks. He is put on the trail for something called the cradle of life, coordinates for a deep space anomaly.

Session 4 7.12. 17 "The dead don't bargain"

The team journeys into the forbidden zone and narrowly avoids being shot down by an ASB hidden in an extinct volcano. They drive up in an ATV and climb the outside of the mountain to gain access. They enter and encounter four rock men. The devise a radio based app to communicate. They manage to escape by disabling their ability to fire missiles. They take the rockmen's target and launch software from the computer.

Session 5 7.18.17 "Desmond is married; Bax is devasted"

The return to the main colony and begin negotiations establishing a base to exploit the attributes of the strange sand. Desmond has offered his services for the new start up.

Session 6 7.28.17 "The mysteries of the rock men"

Session 7 1.4.18 "I gave her lung a wet willy"

Bax +1 Vacc Suit, Ann +1 Computer, Tristan +1 Medical 1st semester of college on Marstan Learned of missing software and embezzled funds stolen from their bank account, left with only 2 MCr. to their name. Desmond Mills found dead, officially listed as a suicide. He apparently tied himself to a chair, beat himself nearly to death, shot himself in the head, and threw himself from a 33rd story window on Home. They take a load of speculative cargo and passengers to Granith and sell them for a healthy profit. Their Galactic Girl Guide brokers are paid their 20% commission up front. They hold a grand gala/masquerade dance on the remote colony and everyone attends. Bax makes out with and then bench-presses bus boys with six pack abs. Tristan marries Baron Gabriel Ulysses Vondega M.D, and becomes a Baroness with a fief of 100km2 on Marstan and a signet ring. She receives a message from Confederate Governor Ernesto Ramirez of Cinder who wants to make a deal. They encounter a Merchant Vessel the SS Rude Duke a 200 ton Galleon from Starbury, steel minotaur figurehead, on the way back to Marstan. Kraken the asteroid moon has re-positioned itself over their holdings. They head to Telum to visit the AI with the following cargo manifest: 1 ton computers, 1 ton ATV, 20 tons of Liquor, 6 tons of crystals, 29 tons of meat, 3 tons of farm machinery, 4 tons of tools. They bought this for 7.14275 MCr. They have a balance of 2.45025 MCr. They encounter the SS Big Ranger a 100ton dispersed structure Junk under Captain Sharon Price, Silver Nymph Masthead, out of Port Midfield. It seems to be under attack with an assault pod attached.

Session 8 5.9.18 "Counseling does exist in space"

The SS Big Ranger is found carrying colony base modules for Vaduz, a Kingdom colony which could be important for Ann. A Spemin K'Pow class Fighter and a K'Bam class Assault Lander with their combination of iron, lead and cobalt hulls with bio-organic machinery, are defeated and captured. They are sold to the AI, along with the cargo. The ships get software upgrades with still more credit on account.

  • Anti-Hijack 1 space
  • Library 1
  • Maneuver&Evade 1
  • Return Fire 1
  • Multi-target 1
  • Select 1
  • Predictive 1

Two EnGi crew are acquired; Pilot-4, Gunner-4. A Spemin captive rigs up a slimy hull repair system which requires the loss of 1 ton of cargo space. A pair of sisters crewed the SS Big Ranger, one dies and the other, Sarah Price an engineer, survives. Sir, Dr. Baroness Thorn MD wants a zero-G maneuver rig for her spacesuit ASAP. There are (15) doses left in the medical kit. The Serenity lost a ton of fuel during the battle. Current Account Balance: 28,955,000