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Reemen/Wolf (Zarushagar 2129)
Classic Era (1115)
StarportB Good: Spacecraft Construction, Overhaul, Refined fuel
Size7 Medium (11,200 km, 0.70g - 0.94g)
Atmosphere7 Standard (tainted)
HydrographicsA Water World 100%
Population4 Moderate (70 thousand)
Government0 No Government structure
Law5 Moderate Law (no concealable weapons)
Tech LevelA Early Stellar (jump drive)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary F2 V
Planetoid Belts 0
Gas Giants 3
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Reemen (World) Synopsis[edit]

Reemen is a nonindustrial water world, which has 90% or more of its surface covered in an ocean of water (H2O).


System Data

System Name Reemen
System Location Zarushagar Sector / Subsector K
Travel Zone Green (No Special Restrictions)
Stellar Type F2 V
Gas Giants 3
Asteroid Belts 0
Allegiance Imperial (Im)
Bases Imperial Scout Base

Main World Data

Attribute UPP Description GURPS
Starport B Good Facilities. Spacecraft Shipyards. Refined Fuel. Class IV
Diameter 7 Medium (11,200km)
Atmosphere 7 Standard (Tainted)
Hydrographics A Water World (100%)
Population 4 70,000
Government 0 No Governmental Structure.
Law Level 5 Moderate law (personal concealed weapons prohibited) GCR 3
Tech Level A Early Stellar (Jump, Circa 2100) GTL 9
Core Type Molten
Density 0.97 Earths
Mass 0.85 Earths
Gravity 0.92 G
Rotation Period 14 hours
Orbital Period 175 days
Axial Tilt 21 degrees
Orbital Eccentricity 0.007
Satellites 2
Surface Pressure 1.348 atm
Trade Information

System Classifications :

World Trade Number (WTN) : 3
Per Capita Income (WPCI) : $ 2,928

Non Canon Description[edit]

The nature of planetary conditions never lent itself to fixed colonial holdings. The orbital starport and yards service traffic passing through. Megacorporations bid on annual contracts for sending harvesters into the depths to collect natural resources. These are administered at the subsector governmental level. Permanent residents dwell and crew large vessel/habitats. They work in the service industries to cater to the interstellar traffic and scout requirements. Each independent vessel is a government unto themselves. Most of the resource collection operations are submersible to avoid local weather and avoid the atmospheric taint. Life support machinery is an import often in demand. Certain codes and policies are agreed to by captains wishing to operate here. These terms and conditions constitute the local law level. The scouts and marine security details act as enforcement and collect those malcontents who are kicked off their ride. Most operators are company men in one way or another. They tend to their own business and stay out of each others way. You can sail for a long time on a planet this size and not meet anyone. The sparse population means that entertainment media also has a ready market here.

This is a young system and the planet is geologically active. Volcanic materials contribute to the tainted atmosphere. In addition the oxygen levels are low because life here has not evolved very far yet. Some of the native microbes produce hazardous metabolic waste products, other organisms are small enough to float airborne and if inhaled pose a health risk. Thick masses of colonial single celled organisms are as far as it goes. Organics can be harvested, they provide the types of biological raw materials that the Vilani prefer. Raw materials and minerals are exploitable. Most deposits are too small to justify the cost of large scale industrial investment. Imported technology allows some measure of comfort but living space is always at a premium on the traveling machines, irony on a world which such a low population density. The hand full of "permanent" installations are large rig structures that serve as submerged anchor points for service and maintenance of the big machines. Crews tend to rotate off planet when they get the chance. The local economy is limited to some trade and barter of parts and materials as necessary between the smaller operators and crews. Large corporate vessels have their own off world support and logistics shipments, they tend to ignore the little guys.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The only terrestrial planet of the five in the system to be in the habitable zone AND have water. The scout service selected it as a base for service and refueling.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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