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Dame [[Qithka Cannagrrh]] is a famed adventurer known throughout the [[Vargr Extents]].
Dame [[Qithka Cannagrrh]] is a famed adventurer known throughout the [[Vargr Extents]].
* She is a female [[Vargr]].
* She is a female [[Gvegh Vargr]].
== Description ([[Biography]]) ==
== Description ([[Biography]]) ==

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Knight: Qithka Cannagrrh
Knight of Gvurrdon Sector and Domain of Deneb
Born 1069
Ascended Hidden
Died 1199
Preceeded by Souegh Cannagrrh
Succeeded by Qithka01 Cannagrrh

Dame Qithka Cannagrrh is a famed adventurer known throughout the Vargr Extents.

Description (Biography)

Dame Qithka’s Life Pursuits have barely changed since her education. They are:

  • Journalism – Search for the Truth, Field Correspondence, Charisma D + Author 10 = 23 (min 12) +1 Mod
  • Dramatize Breaking Historical Events – Propaganda Actress, Charisma D + Actor 3 = 16 (min 13) +1 Mod
  • Astrogate in Emergencies, Emergency Astrogator, Education B + Astrogation 3 = 14 (min 14) +1 Mod
  • Lastly, Qithka holds a Master Certificate in Author, the only qualifying test she deemed worthy to undertake.

Undercover Qithka.jpg

Qithka owns a personal Pistol, the schematic of which she claims is a Pack secret. In 1191, Qithka was rejoined by her long-time companion Witness from Kfan Uzangou for one last adventure. Dame Qithka Cannagrrh died on her homeworld in the year 1199 surrounded by Uthka Varzeekh, Zhevra Cannagrrh, family that could attend and Pack. A forgotten and repeatedly updated Life Insurance policy known only to her attaché Uthka Varzeekh and robot Witness, filed through Zirunkariish Life Insurance and Healthcare in the year 1105, was activated in year 1199 on Vincennes (Deneb 1122) where her Relict Clone Qithka01 Cannagrrh was iterated the following year.

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Universal Personality Profile (UPP)

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History & Background (Dossier)

Qithka Cannagrrh was born in the year 1069. The day of that year has been removed from records at the request of the Pack Cannagrrh Alpha for reasons undisclosed. She was born minutes before her younger brother Gevaudan Cannagrrh. She is a female Gvegh Vargr with a white pelt, black nose and ocean blue eyes. Her exposed skin is black as are her claws though her inner ears are a flesh peach. She has no other distinguishing marks. Her and her brother’s homeworld is DZUERONGVOE (Gvurrdon 1413) B664997-C Hi Ht Cx Pr of the Dzen Aeng Kho <Society of Equals> (VSEq), though the world was occupied for the span of ten years (1116-1126) by the Thirz Empire after the events of the Equality War (1111-1116, see Equality war). See entry Dzuerongvoe (world) for further data.

At birth her SDEIEC profile shows an initial UPP of 697AAC and her genetic profile shows a 4653XX base line. Her Vargr Major Race uses Charisma instead of Social Standing due to the mercurial nature of the Vargr. Her Personal Day is 24 hours.

Her formative years of homeschool tutoring allowed Kethka (Anglic: Qithka) to bypass ED5 education, having tested out of early schooling. Growing up on Dzuerongvoe, she quickly picked up Streetwise smarts (Hi), honed her Language (Cx) skills with frequent visits to the Downport and spent time in the Cannagrrh Villa workshop as a Craftsman (Pr). At age 18, Qithka attended Trade School for a year and found her calling early, Majoring in Author with a Minor in Actor. She graduated with honors.

Immediately after, and under pressure from the laws of the Dzen Aeng Kho and her Pack, Qithka took and passed the Equality Test and became a full citizen of the Society of Equals, an ‘Equal’. She was immediately followed by her brother, Gevaudan who also passed the Test.

Qithka’s Trade School honors helped Qithka Cannagrrh apply and become accepted into Kfan Uzangou Institute of Composition (Author) where she easily earned a Master’s degree with Honors. Keeping her Major of Author and a Minor in Acting, the experience earned her an invitation up the gravity well to attend the Dzuerongvoe Orbital Legal University. Passing the bar, the young writer earned an Attorney status with Advocate-2. She reads, writes and speaks the Gvegh, Anglic, Zdetl and Vilani languages.

At age 27, Qithka entered the workforce as an Entertainer in written composition as a journalist and field correspondent reporter for Kfan Uzangou, an interstellar magazine publishing company based on Gvurrdon (Gvurrrdon 0821). The magazine assigned a TL-14 robot, designated Witness to accompany her and record her adventures and interviews. She spent three terms travelling, conducting field journalism and earning a Fame of 15 and a rated Talent of 12. She Mustered Out of Entertainer with marked increases in Edu+1, Int+1 and Dex+1. Her 12 years as an Entertainer landed her the following skills: Admin-1, Advocate-3, Astrogator-2, Broker-1, Bureaucrat-1, Diplomat-2, Language-1, Liaison-1, Pilot-1, Sensors-1, and Trader -1.

A tad bored and slightly jaded with the usual reporting, Qithka took a risk in becoming a Rogue though she based her two Schemes off what she knew best – Entertainer. For eight years, she proved her adage “Aspire Until You Acquire” with a total Payout of 2.7 MCr and the notoriety of her skirting the lines of law earned her up to Fame 20, making her famous throughout Gvurrdon Sector. In her Roguish scheming pretending to be an Entertainer and watching fellow Rogues, recording that lifestyle and scoring big payouts, she represented herself as an Attorney to avoid convictions and citations. Qithka mustered out after earning the following skills: Athelete-1 having learn to run from law enforcement, Comms-1 as an accomplished conman, Fighter (Slug Thrower) -1, Fighter (Unarmed-Infighting)-1 for her security and sibling rivalry with her brother, Gunner (Turret)-1 knowledge, History-1, earned a Jack Of Trades-1 pat on the back, learned Vilani Language, Computer (Program)-1 for her forgeries, was again put behind the helm as a Pilot-2 and asked to recalculate jumps as an Astrogator- 3, and increased her Trader to 2 as a fence and specie launderer. The dark side of the Rogue-Entertainer ended at age 47 when she returned to legitimacy and mustered out with Dex+1 and strangely enough…

Qithka Cannagrrh had reached such heights of Fame, Talent and notoriety that she was awarded a Knighthood upon coming to the Third Imperium through the Spinward Marches. Her title is Dame Qithka Cannagrrh though she was awarded no fief lands. It is suspected that her awarded title was nicknamed “Blooded Fang” for her often-stunning display before cameras of biting a rather thorny species of rose and suffering tiny punctures in doing so.

1 Dame Qithka Reloaded 1.jpg

Qithka Cannagrrh caught up to her younger brother Gevaudan in 1107 in the Spinward Marches just as she and her brother became caught behind the Fifth Frontier War and were unable to return home through the battle lines. She, Witness and her attaché, Uthka Varzeekh recorded the adventures of Gevaudan and his employers, the Artemis Group. From 1107 to 1110, the siblings had many adventures through the Third Imperium, skirting the Sword Worlds, the Darrian Confederation and the contentious District 268.

News To Her.jpg Gevaudan Portrait.jpg

The coded message to return home to the Pack spurred both siblings even as Gevaudan was banished, (he and Uthka Varzeekh were discovered as users of psionics), from the Domain of Deneb by none other than the newly-promoted Archduke of Deneb Norris in the presence of Duke Luis, the Duchess Delphine Adorania Muudashir of Mora and no less than three Lanth Viscounts. Under a command of Silence, Qithka recorded her brother’s exile homeward to the Dzen Aeng Kho.

1468603430.echthroi trlfmejtuh44sufnaql6tda9.jpg

Dame Qithka reads aloud to her brother Gevaudan the Cannagrrh Pack Alpha orders to return home and Infight each other to determine the next Alpha.

More adventures were recorded as Qithka, her brother and Uthka travelled home in his newly constructed, 200dT Fast Far Scout, the Sixth Horizon. However, upon arriving at Ouse Faeg (Gvurrdon 1724), Gevaudan abandoned her on the Downport tarmac, forcing her to return home alone to Dzuerongvoe and have the mantle of Pack Alpha placed on her shoulders, thus denying the Pack a trial by Infighting between the siblings. At first angered, Qithka came to understand her brother’s ploy and his further project to later become the Vargrtarian of the Collapse.

A Long Memory.jpg

Qithka ruled the Pack as Alpha from Cannagrrh Villa from 1110, through the Equality War (1111-1116) where her homeworld was captured and occupied for ten years. Her magazine recalled her robot Witness at this time, putting Qithka on administrative leave. When Dzuerongvoe was allowed referendum to vote to return to the Society of Equals, she quietly held her tongue as her preferences were not for the ears of others. Instead she lobbied the Parliament of Worlds with statistics and gathered data on the total Resource Units lost during the War. She spent her time and often personal funds to keep the Pack afloat and held annual fetes to raise the Villa accounts.

Qithka wrote and personally bound a Perfect Mastercraft book titled Causality of the Fifth Frontier War which also featured a Pretty Novel biography of her brother’s adventures. The book is hand-scripted in Gvegh, Anglic, Zdetl and Vilani languages. It inspired a holodrama based on the book and starred the Dame as herself, though Gevaudan was portrayed by another actor. The book earned her induction into the Interstellar Authors Society and invitation to the Aegadh Visiting Artists Program to which she was unable to attend due to Alpha responsibilities. The performance was given Spectacular ratings on system and subsector networks. Her years as a Rogue allowed her to come clean poetically and she was awarded Best Actress Prize of Dzuerongvoe. It had been her leaked Passion to perform on Regina after a visit to that world during the Fifth Frontier War. Her Roguish goal of owning an estate was attained at the abandonment of her brother on Ouse Faeg when she was forced Alpha of Pack Cannagrrh. The Entertainer and Rogue owns an unpublished script for a musical comedy about the Church Of The Chosen Ones, (see Church of the Chosen Ones). She has yet to edit it for fear of angering the Church on nearby Aegadh. Hidden in her office is a file containing a time and place coordinates dated in the year 1191 that, for her lack of concentration, has almost been forgotten. Also hidden in her desk are the Unequal Belt and Muzzle of her Unequal cousin Dhueth Cannagrrh.


Qithka’s efforts after 1190 confirmed that she and her brother had been on anagathics since coming to the Third Imperium, Gevaudan benefiting from the drugs more than her. After 1190, she abdicated Pack Alpha when Gevaudan reappeared thanks to the efforts of his fourth wife, Zhevra Cannagrrh. (Details can be found in file Zhevra’s Dance).

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