Psionic shield helmet

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Psionic Shield Helmet
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Cost Cr4,000
Size 0.5l
Type Protective gear
Tech Level TL–12
Weight 1kg
Psionic shield helmets, or psishields, come in a variety of designs, but all work on the same general principles. All models completely encase the wearer's head. A battery powered generator located over the back of the neck creates a weak electrical field at human brain-wave frequencies which psionically endowed individuals perceive as static.

The helmet gives little physical protection, but it gives the wearer significant defense against psionic assault. Shielded individuals cannot be detected by characters possessing life detection, nor can they receive telempathic or telepathic suggestions, nor can they be probed or have their thoughts read. The electronics of a psionic shield helmet are relatively simple, but one can break down or be sabotaged; a small meter on the unit allows testing of the helmet’s effectiveness.

Military ships, vacc suits, and armor generally have psionic shield circuits built into them.

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