Power Plant Technologies of Charted Space

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Power Plants are one of the most important technologies for any people, polity, or society.

  • Greater power plants greatly expand the range of technologies enabled by power or energy generation.

Description (Specifications)

Technological societies require ever greater quantities of energy to fuel their increasingly sophisticated technologies. Indeed, one of the easiest ways of determining the technological sophistication of a sophont species is to scan a world from orbit to determine what sort of power generation are in use. Even the most basic communication methods require use of great power sources and electromagnetic spillage. Radio signals, for instance, can often be detected hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years after they were first generated.

Power Plant Types

No information yet available.

  • Urtech
  • Stelltech
  • Ultratech (Galtech)
  • Ascendant
  • Transcendent

Epochal Power Generation Periods

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Epochal Technological Periods Overview: Communications
Period Name Period's (TL's) Technology Scope Period Remarks


TL-0 Proto-tech Very early societies with fundamental technologies. (Alpha Period) Muscle Age Societies:
  • Physiological Power
  • Early dray domestication
Low Sophontic


TL-1-9 Ur-tech Foundational technologies with planetary-systemic (intrastellar) scope. (Ur Period) Combustible-Atomic Age Societies:
  • ICE, Fission, prototype fusion
  • Prototype Nanotech


TL-10-18 Stell-tech Interstellar technologies with an polystellar (intragalactic) scope. (Stellar Period) Fusion Age Societies:
  • Fusion, Fusion+
  • Weak nanotech
High Sophontic


TL-19-27 Ultra-tech Galactic technologies with a polygalactic scope. (Galactic Period) Antimatter Age Societies:
  • Antimatter, etc.
  • Strong nanotech


TL-28-30 Dei-Tech Astrodeific technologies with a universal scope. (Transgalactic Period) TBD


TL-31-33 Omni-tech Bhodhisattivan technologies with a polytemporal, trans-dimensional scope. (Omega Period) Unimaginable.

History & Background (Dossier)

Almost without exception, all sophont societies seek to modify and control their environments through increasing accumulation of power generation and technology. Among the earliest power generation methods can often be found individual muscle power, dray beasts, and the mastering of water ways through water wheels and the like. From such early methods are developed much more sophisticated power generation technologies capable of generating ever greater amounts of energy.

By TL-15, Fusion Plus is well established and future research into antimatter power plants and even more sophisticated methods is well under way.

Kardaschev Ratings

An ancient Terran scientist, Nikolai Kardaschev, once proposed a system to measure and classify a civilization's potential energy use and level of mastery. The Terran Confederation brought these ideas to Charted Space and the Rule of Man made them an enduring part of interstellar society.

References & Contributors (Sources)

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