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5042AD–5183AD A region within the area of space controlled by the Rimward Opportunities development organisation. It was centered on the Pel Avena cluster, it had its headquarters at Pel Avena (1528 Far Home) and was controlled by a Director and a Development Committee. Rimward Opportunities neglected and exploited the region and the Directorate began establishing its own links, establishing regular trade with New Frontiers to trailing, even going as far as using vessels chartered from New Frontiers to transport their goods, commodities, and even their personnel.

Autonomy: 5042AD-5183AD

Head Office eventually became aware of Pel Avena's private activities and dispatched Security forces to the cluster to bring its systems back in line; they were met with strong system defense forces and large numbers of locally raised militia. In the face of such overwhelming resistance the Security forces chose to withdraw - they weren't being paid to fight an actual war. Instead, Rimward Opportunities was forced to initiate negotiations with Pel Avena's authorities, eventually drawing up an agreement that made the Directorate a self-governing autonomous zone. In return for its self-governance it agreed to pay Rimward Opportunities an annual dividend.

Pel Avena acted as a gateway between Rimward Opportunities and New Frontiers. It deregulated trade, improved facilities and encouraged commerce, emerging as a mercantile center. Rimward Opportunities, for its part, never overcame its financial issues and, having lost its primary asset, folded in 5180AD. The worlds of each of the four remaining Directorates became independent. Pel Avena, however, continued much as before, though they retained the annual dividend for their own use.

Federation 5184AD-Present

Officials and experts drew up the Terms of Incorporation between 5181AD and 5183AD, the legal foundation for a "Federation of Disparate Worlds". They were ratified on New Year's Day in 5184AD, officially dissolving the Pel Avena Directorate and formally bringing the Rimward Federation into existence.

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