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Paraterraforming was a Terran colonization technique used to settle inhospitable vacuum worlds.

Description (Specifications)

Paraterraforming involved covering the entire surface of a small barren moon or large planetoid with a pressurized habitat.

  • These worlds then served as the capital of a self-sustaining system-wide industrial civilization.
  • Oxygen, water, nitrogen and other volatiles were mined from lunar regolith, frozen asteroids and gas giant moons.
  • Individual domed habitats were gradually built as population expanded and finally linked into a single world-city with a living area comparable to a larger terrestrial planet.
  • Fusion reactors provided heat and light.
  • Giant greenhouses and fish farms fed the growing population.
  • When the domed habitats covered enough of the small moon or planetoid they were often roofed over and given an atmosphere, using a transparent membrane supported by air pressure and pillars.

History & Background (Dossier)

The technique was first pioneered prior to the invention of the jump drive, when Terrans colonized the less-promising bodies of their own solar system.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)

These worlds are most commonly found within the:

World Listing: 1105

The following systems and worlds are known locations of Paraterraforming projects:

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