Norris Aella Aledon

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Archduke: Norris
Archduke of Deneb
Born 1063
Ascended 1114
Preceeded by  ?
Succeeded by n/a

Norris Aella Aledon, Archduke of Deneb. Supported by many nobles in the Moot, Norris is highly respected for his very competent handling of the Fifth Frontier War and for his ability since Strephon's murder to keep intact an important border region of the Imperium. Because it would have been easy for Norris to declare independence for his territories, particularly since the so-called Restored Vilani Empire region now falls between the Domain of Deneb and the Imperial Core, Norris's loyalty and fidelity to the Imperium have attracted support for him from nobles.

Norris was a second son, and had no intention of becoming a duke. He was enjoying a successful career in the Imperial Navy, having attained the rank of Commander with Imperial Naval Intelligence. However, the accidental death of his older brother in 1097 during their father's last year of life forced Norris rapidly into the unaccustomed role as the impending heir. As Norris was unmarried and had no heir, one precaution that Norris was convinced to take during this period was the creation of a clone which he insisted be female. This clone is Seldrian, still his heir.

Norris acceded to the Dukedom of Regina in 1098, but it was not until the Fifth Frontier War was won thanks to his predictions and forethought in requisitioning reinforcements before the fact from Emperor Strephon that his reputation as a leader of the first rate was established. His leadership was again demonstrated by his response to news of Strephon's assassination. While it was assumed that Strephon was planning to elevate Norris to Archduke of the new Domain of Deneb, Norris used his supply of Imperial Stationery to appoint himself to the post in Strephon's name, predating the appointment back to 1114. Although this was strictly speaking deceitful, it was the sort of decision that great leaders are sometimes required to make. We have seen that Strephon himself has approved of Norris' initiative, and history has judged that the decision was a good one. By creating one clear line of authority in the Domain of Deneb, Norris ensured the ability to effectively organize and coordinate its defense once it was cut off, surely saving millions of lives.

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