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(Meta-history & Background)
(Table of Contents)
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|    ''Races of the Sector:'' The [[G'naak]] || ||align="right" | 56
|    ''Races of the Sector:'' The [[G'naak]] || ||align="right" | 56
|    ''Starship Deck Plans:'' The Far Trader || ||align="right" | 58
|    ''Starship Deck Plans:'' The [[Far Trader]] || ||align="right" | 58
|    ''Miscellaneous Background:'' Tablet of the Dawn || ||align="right" | 61
|    ''Miscellaneous Background:'' Tablet of the Dawn || ||align="right" | 61

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MegaTraveller Journal 4
Issue 4
Publisher Digest Group Publications
Version MegaTraveller
Author Joe Fugate
Format Periodical (Magazine)
Language English
Edition 1st
Year Published 1993
Pages 104
Canonical No
Digest Group Publications final Traveller product.

Description (Specifications)

No information yet available.

Meta-history & Background

Digest Group Publications published four MegaTraveller Journals in addition to many regular periodical digests. They are among the hardest periodicals to get a hold of. Fans have received their articles well.

  1. MegaTraveller Journal 1
  2. MegaTraveller Journal 2
  3. MegaTraveller Journal 3
  4. MegaTraveller Journal 4

Credits (Primary Sources)

Joe D. Fugate, Sr
Contributing Editors
Rob Caswell, Deb Zeigler
Cover Art
William H. Keith, Jr.,
Blair Reynolds, Mike Vilardi, Tom Peters, Joe D. Fugate, Sr, Mike Jackson, and Rob Caswell

Table of Contents

Lords of Thunder by William H. Keith, Jr. 4
   Worldguide: Gateway 18
   Gateway Sector Library Data: Governments of Gateway 24
   Gateway Sector Library Data: Gateway Systems 32
   Gateway Sector Library Data: News Bulletins 37
   Pirates and Pirate Bases: Castran Marauders 38
   Secret Guerilla Forces: Force Bravo 44
   Races of the Sector: The K'kree 45
   Language Library Data: K'kree Vocabulary 53
   Races of the Sector: The G'naak 56
   Starship Deck Plans: The Far Trader 58
   Miscellaneous Background: Tablet of the Dawn 61
   Other Library Data: Discoveries 64
"Imperial Law" by Gary L. Thomas 74
Custom Ship Add-Ons, Useful Extras for Traveller Starships 78
Birth of a New Game, The Story Behind AI 93
Through the Years, A Potpourri of Memos 96
Helm Report by Joe D. Fugate, Sr 2
MegaTraveller Q&A by Joe D. Fugate, Sr 81
Travellers' Cache 90
   Equipment Sheet: Inertial Locator 90
   Equipment Sheet: Hand Computer 91
   Equipment Sheet: G Pack 92
   Equipment Sheet: Combination Mask IBC
DIS Newsbriefs 103