Long Night

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(-1776 to 0): Long Night

  • The Long Night was a period of intense anarchy, widespread tragedy, and interstellar disaster between the fall of one major polity, the Second Imperium or Rule of Man, and the succeeding polity, the Third Imperium.
  • Also called an interregnum and represents the historical period extending from the Second Imperium to the Third Imperium.
  • A timeline in Traveller: The New Era gives 2992AD or -1526 as the start date of the Long Night [p.9].

Description (Specifications)

The period of interstellar decline and anarchy between the fall of the Rule of Man (also known as the Second Imperium) and the establishment of the Third Imperium by Cleon I.

History & Background (Dossier)

It was a period where worlds were cut off from one another, technology was lost and the population on many worlds simply failed to survive.

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