Kimalad Collective

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Kimalad (Dagudashaag 1506) is the center and power base of a pocket empire.


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History and background[edit]

Kimalad was a barren world re-colonized in -231, and formed a collective trade agreement with Nipe (Now Shidu (Dagudashaag 1406)) in the Kimalad cluster.

In -56, Dafyd Quasot came to power and within a year had made the two worlds into an 'Empire', with himself as hereditary Emperor. He proceeded to annex the nearby barren worlds.

Era: Milieu 0[edit]

The emperor has stoked and used the fear of psionics in order to consolidate his power and eliminate his enemies. He is currently riding the tidal wave of public psioniophobia to war with the neighboring Guukian Federation.

In 20 the collective was absorbed peacefully into the Third Imperium.

Worlds and sectors[edit]

This polity is primarily located in the following areas:

This polity extends from Nipe [now Shidu (Dagudashaag 1406)] to Armiirk [now Liikirba (Dagudashaag 1705)], also encompassing Uumin Duu [now Bastion (Dagudashaag 1507)], Nuunzaaind [now Aam (Dagudashaag 1604)], and Imar [now Daridura (Dagudashaag 1605)].

World Listing: Milieu 0[edit]

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