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Judges Guild were former makers of many adventures for use with AD&D, Traveller, and other systems.

The company was started as a fan organization by Robert Bledsaw and Bill Owen in 1975. Their first product was maps for the City-State. The company was incorporated 1976, and gained a license to publish AD&D supplements. In 1978 the obtained the license to publish Traveller materials as well.

At their peak, Judges Guild had more than 250 products in print, including books for Tunnels and Trolls, Runequest, DragonQuest, and other systems.

In the early 1980s, a shakeup of RPG publishers and resellers forced Judges Guild to close its doors.

In 1999 it restarted on a small scale selling reprints via the web. Beginning in 2003, they teamed up with Necromancer Games to update their AD&D material to the new D20 system and publish it.

In 2000, Bob sold the rights to all the Judges Guild SciFi material, including the Traveller modules, to Hunter Gordon of QuikLink Interactive.

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